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November, 2010


The New Sound of Sephardim

By On November 30, 2010

For the past five years, the Sephardic Music Festival has showcased everything from folkdance to electronica to hard rock and reggae. This year, the festival will take place during the eight nights of Hanukkah, from December 1-8, in… Read More


Leonard Bernstein Up Close

By On November 29, 2010

Some conductors lead the orchestra with a baton or the tips of their fingers. Among musicians, Leonard Bernstein was widely known to conduct with his face. Aside from composing a startling variety of masterpieces… Read More


Challah Makers’ Local 613

By On November 26, 2010

  What’s with the Jewish ideal of wanting our kids to be doctors? It seems we’ve forgotten the Jewish roots of the union movement–folks who put in a hard day’s work at the… Read More


Native Americans: The Lost Tribe

By On November 25, 2010

Looking at Jews and Native Americans side by side, you might think there’s no way to mix up the two cultures. Yarmulkes and eagle-feather headdresses look quite different, after all. But some early colonial Americans thought,… Read More


Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

By On November 24, 2010

Samson Koletkar is a funny guy with a killer delivery. And the fact that he’s a Jewish Indian comedian, cracking jokes to American audiences is only a small part of his fabulous act. When… Read More


Old Jazz, New Tricks

By On November 23, 2010

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s smoky voice sounds like it belongs in a speakeasy or on an old, dusty vinyl. And yet Gottlieb–an Israeli-born jazz vocalist and composer–is barely 30 years old. Her first… Read More


Upping the Dreidel Ante

By On November 22, 2010

Sure, sure–playing dreidel is a centuries-old Jewish tradition, and a way to remember the great miracle of Hanukkah. But have you ever noticed that the dreidel game is basically a tool to teach kids how… Read More


Soul Music from Black Israelites

By On November 21, 2010

Dimona is a small city in the middle of the Negev desert in Israel. It’s home to a community of Black Hebrews: a group of African-American émigrés who left Chicago, followed the revolutionary leader Marcus Garvey to Liberia,… Read More


An Old and New Holocaust Photo

By On November 19, 2010

Of the many images that depict Nazi persecution, this photograph–taken upon the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp, with Elie Wiesel in the background–has become one of the most widely circulated. In a “smart copy”… Read More


The Meaning of Life

By On November 18, 2010

What do we believe? Why do we believe it? Roger Nygard–the director of the hilarious documentary Trekkies–traveled across the world, asking famous religious leaders and everyday people what they thought about God, religion, and… Read More


Angels Vs. Humans

By On November 16, 2010

  When you think of angels, you might picture people wearing white robes with wings and halos. You’d be right to think that this image is decidedly not Jewish. However, there’s actually… Read More


Shakespeare the Spy

By On November 15, 2010

 An Israeli spy narrowly escapes an assassination in the middle of the desert, before killing the assassin. Years later, in New York City, this spy bumps into his would-be killer on the… Read More