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January, 2011


Pears, Breasts, and Life

By On January 31, 2011

At 76 years old, the work of Linda Pastan–two-time National Book Award finalist and the former poet laureate of Maryland–is still playful and sensual. For instance, the poem “Pears” from her new… Read More


The Battle for Hebrew

By On January 28, 2011

In 1509, Johannes Pfefferkorn–a former rabbi who became a Dominican monk–published a book called Judenspiegel, or Mirror of the Jews. It was a ghastly, vividly anti-Semitic book, full of false disclosures about the Jewish people–and it proposed that… Read More


The Number on Maude’s Arm

By On January 27, 2011

The 1971 film Harold and Maude chronicles the friendship of a quirky, antisocial young man and an even more idiosyncratic old woman. Harold has been trained to be both morally upright and socially uptight.… Read More


Sleepless Nights

By On January 26, 2011

The rabbis of the Talmud were very particular about their belief in omens. They eschewed astrology and frowned upon fortune-telling. But, when it came to dreams, the Talmudic sages sang a different tune. In fact, one sage,… Read More


Noshing and Plotzing

By On January 25, 2011

What’s an appropriate age to teach kids a second language? When it comes to Yiddish, author Laurel Snyder believes no time is too soon. Snyder’s new baby board book, Nosh Schlep Schluff: Babyiddish, is… Read More


Lean On Me

By On January 24, 2011

The Tel Aviv-based hard rock band Monotonix is supported by their fans in a way that few other bands are: physically. At a normal Monotonix concert (if “normal” is a word that can apply),… Read More


The Horror of the Bible, in Nine Creepy Tales

By On January 21, 2011

These aren’t the Bible stories you grew up with. In the anthology She Nailed a Stake through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror, nine writers reconceive biblical stories in their own unique voices–and put their… Read More


What Chutzpah!

By On January 20, 2011

Is Chutzpah for real? Chutzpah is a self-proclaimed “Jewish supergroup”–a hip-hop outfit composed of three Jewish men in their 50s (more or less), wearing tracksuits and oversize sunglasses. The 2005 film Chutzpah, This… Read More


The Mystical Side of Trees

By On January 19, 2011

Tu Bishvat is the New Year of the Trees, a holiday with roots (pardon the pun) dating as far back as the Talmud. But, unlike Passover or Purim or Sukkot, there’s no prescribed way to observe… Read More


Jerusalem in the Future

By On January 18, 2011

What will Jerusalem look like in 100 years? That was the question posed by Jerusalem’s Association of Planning and Conservation. Filmmakers and animators around the world then created visual answers and posted them on… Read More


Strange Fruit

By On January 17, 2011

The song “Strange Fruit,” one of the most haunting jazz ballads of the past century, was made famous by Billie Holiday. But it was written by a Jewish man named Abel Meeropol,… Read More


Real Girls in Trouble

By On January 14, 2011

Human trafficking is a huge problem throughout the world, both in developing countries and in first-world nations. Thousands of women from former Soviet republics alone are taken from their homes every year,… Read More