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May, 2011


Frasier’s Bar Mitzvah

By On May 31, 2011

On the television show Frasier, Frederick Crane, the title character’s estranged son, is the product of an interfaith union: his mother’s Jewish; his father isn’t. When the time came for Frederick’s bar mitzvah, Frasier wanted to… Read More


Tweet the Torah

By On May 30, 2011

Twitter, if you don’t know, is the mini-blog service that lets people post short, accessible reports from their lives. Since the Torah was always meant to be easily accessible, the two should go together… Read More


Setting the Records

By On May 27, 2011

  Here’s a history textbook that you probably didn’t use in Hebrew School: A collection of Jewish record album covers. The book And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Our Vinyl is a… Read More


God’s Hidden Helper

By On May 26, 2011

  “When God established the Heavens, I was there; when He inscribed a circle in the depths, when He fortified the skies above, I was with Him, as an architect.” These words could be… Read More


A To-Do List for Indiana Jones

By On May 23, 2011

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most prominent historical record of Jewish life in the Second Temple period, from roughly 500 BCE to 70 CE. The first scrolls were found in 1947 by a young Bedouin shepherd. Of the 15 scrolls, only… Read More


Arthur’s Yom Kippur

By On May 21, 2011

Do aardvarks repent on Yom Kippur? At least one does. On the PBS cartoon show Arthur, eight-year-old Arthur’s best friend Francine is Jewish. In one episode, Francine decides to fast for the… Read More


“Faking” Jewish

By On May 19, 2011

While still a high school student, Ariel Schrag became famous for publishing a series of comic-book memoirs. Some were funny, others were racy, but they all had a breathless immediacy. In the short comic “The Chosen,”… Read More


Free Housing for Jews

By On May 18, 2011

Grand Island doesn’t much resemble a biblical paradise–it’s in upstate New York, and it’s frozen for most of the year. Originally owned by the Iroquois nation and used as a hunting ground, Grand Island was… Read More


The Girls Are All Right

By On May 17, 2011

  Many folksingers take pride in writing songs based on their own life experiences. But singer-songwriter and violinist Alicia Jo Rabins writes her songs based on the lives of other women–specifically, female characters in the Bible. Rabins’… Read More


‘Arranged’ Marriages for Muslims and Jews

By On May 16, 2011

Two young teachers at a New York public school compare notes on their dating lives. They don’t exactly kiss and tell, however–Rochel is an Orthodox Jew, and Nasira is a traditional Muslim from Syria. And both are… Read More


The Kosher Meat Boycott of 1902

By On May 13, 2011

If you think kosher meat is expensive now, just think about what your great-grandparents paid. In May 1902, the retail price of kosher meat in New York jumped–from 12 to 18 cents per pound… Read More


Sniper, Survivor, Sex Therapist

By On May 11, 2011

Dr. Ruth Westheimer has become an American icon, one of our culture’s most famous sex educators and therapists. In 1938, when Westheimer was 10 years old and living in Germany, her father was… Read More