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August, 2011


Earth to Endor

By On August 31, 2011

If you’re a Star Wars geek, one mention of the word “Endor” will call to mind a foresty planet populated by diminutive fuzzy Ewoks. But the word itself hearkens back to a much older… Read More


Sound the Alarm

By On August 30, 2011

Tonight, the Jewish month of Elul begins. It’s the last month in the Hebrew calendar, and the month that directly precedes the Jewish New Year. And, just like the secular new year, everybody celebrates differently. Traditional… Read More


Spring Break, 1931

By On August 29, 2011

When you move to a new place, you have the chance to reinvent yourself. But what happens when you return back to the old country? The Israeli author Lea Goldberg (1911-1970) was… Read More



By On August 28, 2011

Is Superman Jewish? His creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both were–but the Man of Steel himself, a Charles Atlas poster-boy with a chiseled jaw and a body of, well, steel, wearing a costume… Read More


Midrash Manicures

By On August 26, 2011

Once, a man demanded that Rabbi Hillel teach him the entire Torah while standing on one foot. Rabbi Yael Buechler, a 25-year-old recent graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary, has started a blog that takes that… Read More


King of the Clarinet

By On August 25, 2011

Artie Shaw–born Arthur Arshawsky–was a virtuoso clarinet player, one of the greats of the jazz era. He was one of the first to break down the unspoken wall between black and white musicians… Read More


Bite-Size Heschel

By On August 24, 2011

Sometimes it seems as though everyone’s on Twitter. Biker Lance Armstrong. Singer Katy Perry. Actor William Shatner. Recently, we were startled to see the addition of another “celebrity” into this strange mix: Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.… Read More


Hebrew for Fun and Profit

By On August 23, 2011

Do Jews speak a different language than other people? The comedy duo Jake and Amir are a latter-day Abbot and Costello, or perhaps the Three Stooges split between two people. (Amir is… Read More


The Physics of God

By On August 22, 2011

“While you’re talking, you’re not learning anything,” Richard Feynman used to say. Ironically, Feynman used to talk a lot. A physicist, philosopher, teacher and one of the inventors of the atomic bomb, Feynman was one… Read More


Home on the Range

By On August 19, 2011

Imagine Little Women meets All-of-a-Kind Family, with a hint–just a hint–of Anna Karenina. Rachel Bella Kahn was a memoirist way before tell-all books and reality TV were fashionable. She grew up in the Ukraine, but was sent… Read More


A Whole New Metamorphosis

By On August 18, 2011

Franz Kafka was one of the greatest–and darkest–writers of the twentieth century. His most famous story, The Metamorphosis, follows a young salesman named Gregor Samsa who awakens one morning to find he’s turned into… Read More


Israel, Believe It or Not

By On August 17, 2011

News from Israel is often dire and gloomy. But Daniella Askenazy–a freelance journalist from Silver Spring, MD, who made aliyah to Israel in 1968–decided to write a different kind of Israeli news column. Her weekly feature Chelm on… Read More