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July, 2012



By On July 31, 2012

How many righteous people can you name? A hundred? Fifty? When Abraham played that game with God, they couldn’t even find ten. (Admittedly, the two were looking in Sodom and Gemorrah, the two evilest cities… Read More


Gay Avek

By On July 30, 2012

Matt Honig, a documentarian from outside Washington, D.C., is making a movie that traces the history of Judaism, political change–and punk rock. Punk is a lifestyle that’s mostly tied to music, and… Read More


Internment Camps

By On July 27, 2012

During World War II, Jews were rounded up by Nazis and put into concentration camps and death camps. Another type of racial profiling occurred during wartime in the United States –following the… Read More


Treasure Hunt in Prague

By On July 26, 2012

In the late 1500s, Prague was a cultural hotspot. The reigning monarch of the Holy Roman Empire, Emperor Rudolf II, was a patron of the arts and humanities, including scholars, sculptors, and mystics. Rudolf… Read More


Preach, Leadbelly, Preach

By On July 25, 2012

When the U.S. joined the Allies in 1941, the Nazi party had been in power for nearly a decade, and they already murdered a million Jews. Nevertheless, in America, knowledge of the Holocaust… Read More


Life (and Music) after Death

By On July 24, 2012

Is listening to music a religious experience? The autobiographical book Automatic: Girls, Death, and R.E.M., by Matthue Roth–who you might also know as the founder of Jewniverse–is about music, but it’s also… Read More


Jews & Arabs Dancing

By On July 23, 2012

Jews and Arabs really aren’t so different. Just check out their dance moves. A YouTube user, SpudXXXX, made a short video that mixes together traditional Arabic dancing with traditional Jewish dancing. First, a… Read More


Reasons for Cholent

By On July 20, 2012

Mark Kurlansky’s book Edible Stories (2010) is an indulgence for book-nerds and foodies: It’s a collection of 16 interrelated stories, each named after (and starring) a certain kind of food. Most of the featured cuisine tends to… Read More


Smells, and Other Signs of Love

By On July 19, 2012

Scientists believe that there has been an evolutionary decline in the human sense of smell. Perhaps it was more potent back when people were hunters and gatherers–but these days, our olfactory sense is good for… Read More


When the Comic Stops Laughing

By On July 18, 2012

Israel Zangwill (1864-1929) was a British humorist, a writer, and an early Zionist activist. He eventually left the Zionist movement in order to lead a movement called Territorialism, which called for a homeland for the Jewish… Read More


Nature Boy

By On July 17, 2012

The 1947 song “Nature Boy,” written by eden ahbez, has a long and strange history. A jazz standard, it’s been performed by Nat “King” Cole and Miles Davis, and its lyrics were quoted at… Read More


Sherlock’s Jewish Girlfriend

By On July 16, 2012

“To Sherlock Holmes she was always the woman.” This is the opening line of “A Scandal in Bohemia,” one of the most popular and enduring stories about the world’s favorite detective. “She” refers to Irene Adler, the… Read More