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August, 2012


Barukh Ata Jewniverse

By On August 31, 2012

Check out these great examples of the wild world of Jewish prayers and blessings. Did you know that Judaism has blessings for everything, from a rainbow to a trip to the bathroom?… Read More


All About Anne

By On August 30, 2012

 If you read The Diary of Anne Frank in high school you might think you know her whole story, but check out these Jewniverses that explore Anne Frank’s life in new and… Read More


At the Movies with Jewniverse

By On August 29, 2012

We suggest you spend some time at the movies—don’t worry, we have plenty of recommendations! A documentary about the meaning of life—You’ve always wanted to know… A library of Israeli films is available online-Watch now! Scarface was… Read More


The Secret Underbelly of the Shtetl

By On August 28, 2012

We suggest you spend some time exploring the secret history (and seedy underbelly) of the shtetl. It’s weirder than you think, we promise. Love in the shtetl—An animated short film about loving… Read More


The Yummiest Things in the Jewniverse

By On August 27, 2012

The Jewniverse is a yummy place, so grab a fork and btayavon! Pork Memoirs—Tales of a complicated meat. A Brief History of Gefilte Fish—How do you know a gefilte fish when you see… Read More


Escaping the Holocaust in the Circus

By On August 24, 2012

In Europe, circuses used to travel across national borders, spending weeks moving through forests and little-used trails, and then set up shop in small villages. During the direst parts of World War II,… Read More


Fat Rabbis

By On August 23, 2012

How fat can a fat rabbi be? The Babylonian Talmud (Baba Metzia 84a) reports that when Rabbi Ishmael and Rabbi Elazar met, “an ox could walk between them [under the arch formed by their bellies] and… Read More


How Dirty Can You Get (in Hebrew)?

By On August 22, 2012

There’s something about the comedy hip-hop group The Lonely Island that screams Jewish. The group is an assemblage of three comedians who’ve made videos together since junior high school, and eventually became regular features on Saturday Night… Read More


Frank Sinatra in Israel

By On August 21, 2012

What does a nice Italian Catholic boy have to do with Israel? For Frank Sinatra, a sincere appreciation of the Jewish people led to a lifelong advocacy for the Jewish state. In the film Frank Sinatra… Read More


Mitzvah Tantz

By On August 20, 2012

The mitzvah tantz is one of  Hasidic Judaism’s most bizarre rituals. It takes place at weddings, when the leading members of a community–a prominent rabbi or the bride’s new father-in-law, or both–dance before her. According to the Talmud,… Read More


Man Ray

By On August 17, 2012

If you think you know what Man Ray’s artworks symbolize, you’re probably wrong. A member of the Surrealist and Dadaist movements, Man Ray (1890-1976) was a proponent of art for art’s sake–he intended his work to… Read More


A Kabbalistic Spell Book

By On August 16, 2012

Chaim Vital (1543-1620) was one of the most prominent students of the famed kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria. Vital was Luria’s chronicler, recording Luria’s mystical insights, spreading Luria’s teachings, and expanding on them. Vital also wrote… Read More