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December, 2012


On December 31st, Israelis Celebrate “Sylvester.” Here’s Why.

By On December 31, 2012

Have you ever heard an Israeli refer to their “Sylvester” plans and wonder what they’re talking about? And once you figured out that they were referring to New Year’s Eve, did you wonder… Read More


The Zoo Rabbi

By On December 28, 2012

An Orthodox rabbi who writes about werewolves and unicorns and believes in evolution?  Meet Rabbi Natan Slifkin– also known as “The Zoo Rabbi” – who teaches about what Jewish scripture says about natural history and beastly… Read More


The Shondes: The Coney Island of Rock Bands?

By On December 27, 2012

Coney Island — home of legendary knishes, Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, and that historic roller coaster — is rich with Jewish spirit. A similar thing could be said of the Brooklyn band The Shondes, who so… Read More


The 2013 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar is Here!

By On December 26, 2012

When Adam Cohen set out to create the first Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, he wanted to fill the pages with offbeat men instead of your typical hotties. Sure, 12 months of half-naked firemen and… Read More


Sephardic Music Festival, Vol. 2

By On December 25, 2012

The second Sephardic Music Festival album just dropped, and the only bad news is that you can no longer use Hanukkah as an excuse to buy it (though a little birdie just told us… Read More


Telegraph Avenue

By On December 24, 2012

Critics have been speculating for years about who will pen the next Great American Jewish Novel. All signs pointed to Michael Chabon when his 2007 novel The Yiddish Policemen’s Union conceived of an alternate history… Read More


Israeli Protest Music

By On December 21, 2012

Given how infamous Israelis are for their political passions and fiery tempers, and how many political songs have emerged from the country (ranging from “Utsu Etsu” from the right and “Blow Wind… Read More


German Ritual Baths

By On December 20, 2012

Walk through most German cities today and you don’t have to look too hard to find commemorations of pre-Holocaust Jewish life – they’re in the sidewalks, on plaques, and in memorials here and… Read More


This Hit Yiddish Song Sold for Just $30

By On December 19, 2012

Jewish maternal disappointment may never have been quite so dramatic – nor quite so public – as that of Anna Secunda, mother of composer Shalom Secunda, circa 1937. According to one article, she… Read More


Rabbi Akiva, The Late-Blooming Sage

By On December 18, 2012

Though genius is often equated with precocity, a quick search of  “famous late bloomers” turns up David Sedaris, Julia Child, Alfred Hitchcock, and Laura Ingalls Wilder, to name a very few. Though… Read More


The Plot Against America

By On December 17, 2012

Political zealots had a field day during the recent presidential election. Right-wingers painted Obama as a Kenyan communist. Leftists painted Romney as a plutocrat who would steal bread from babies. A new… Read More


Ringo the Jew?

By On December 14, 2012

Most every Jewish kid who grew up in 1960s America looked up to Ringo Starr. He was one of us, the Jewish Beatle, the one who had been bar mitzvahed. There was just… Read More