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March, 2013


Jews and Baseball

By On March 29, 2013

Jews and baseball: they go together like gefilte fish and horseradish. You didn’t realize? Consider: Commissioner Bud Selig? Jewish. The greatest pitcher of all time? Jewish. The guy who composed “Take Me Out to the Ball… Read More


Beyond Bubbie

By On March 28, 2013

Where did your favorite Passover recipes come from? Whether they’re your own innovations or they came to you on a stained recipe card, they probably come with good stories, too: the kugel that brought a… Read More


Shadow Puppet Exodus

By On March 25, 2013

You probably mastered the shadow-puppet bunny back in grade school. But have you ever thought of moving past bunnies to, say, the story of the Exodus? It may be a tall order for… Read More


Matzah Facial

By On March 22, 2013

Passover can be hell…on your complexion. Oily kugels, heavy brisket, endless sheets of matzah—these foods may seem like the enemies of flawless skin, but celebrity doctor Ava Shamban is here with her kosher-for-Passover facial recipes and she… Read More


Gilbert and Sullivan Go Yiddish

By On March 21, 2013

There’s nothing inherently Yiddish-y about Gilbert and Sullivan‘s body of work. But that hasn’t stopped Al Grand, a retired New York City schoolteacher, from making a name for himself by penning Yiddish interpretations of… Read More


Au Revoir, Maxwell House Haggadah

By On March 20, 2013

We’ve come a long way since Maxwell House’s unrivaled seder-table reign, and chances are you’ve collected your fair share of Haggadot. But don’t put the kibosh on Haggadah-acquisition before you see this latest one, written… Read More


Four More Plagues: A Gift Guide

By On March 19, 2013

You’ve heard about the 10 plagues. But we’ve just discovered 4 more that are right here upon us. Don’t worry, though. There are some precautions you can take… …against the Plague of… Read More


Oma & Bella: Life is Delicious

By On March 19, 2013

Holocaust survivors Bella Katz and Regina (“Oma”) Karolinski live together in contemporary Berlin, where they spend their days cooking, talking, and helping one another with the tasks of daily life. The two women… Read More


The First—and Only—Jewish Miss America

By On March 18, 2013

In September of 1945, just after the end of World War II, a young woman from the Bronx named Bess Myerson became the first—and, still, only—Jewish woman to win the title of Miss America.… Read More


When Descendants of Slaves Own Slaves

By On March 15, 2013

Matthew Lopez found the inspiration for his award-winning play, The Whipping Man, in the footnote of a history book; apparently, Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House one day before the start… Read More


Looking for Zion in All the Wrong Places

By On March 14, 2013

Emily Raboteau’s insightful new memoir, Searching for Zion, begins with a memory of her father, a black Princeton professor, describing blacks’ and Jews’ similarities to her childhood best friend, Tamar: “When we sang freedom… Read More


Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Spock Explain the Hasids

By On March 13, 2013

Who wouldn’t want a behind-the-scenes guided tour through Hasidic America? Someone to explain the history of the community and to answer your questions about everything from modesty to matchmakers, from faith to fear? Now imagine your… Read More