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May, 2013


San Francisco’s Gay Jewish Hero

By On May 31, 2013

The late gay activist and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk seemed to have organizing in his blood. His grandfather, a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant, helped found the first synagogue in his Long Island… Read More


Nina Simone Sings Milk & Honey

By On May 30, 2013

Few songs capture the feeling of a people in exile like “Eretz Zavat Halav.” Taken from a biblical passage, it speaks of Israel’s abundant natural produce (milk and honey, especially), from the perspective… Read More


A Different Kind of Holocaust Music

By On May 29, 2013

As one of the founders of musical minimalism, the composer Steven Reich’s repertoire is full of impressive credits. But his 1988 Holocaust-inspired, Grammy-winning, 3-movement piece for string quartet Different Trains may be his crowning achievement. Inspired… Read More


Rashi’s Daughters

By On May 28, 2013

What kind of medieval woman ghostwrites for Rashi? His daughter, of course. The great 11th-century rabbi and commentator had 4 daughters (1 died young) and no sons. Miriam, Yocheved, and Rachel are among the few women… Read More


Pee-wee Herman’s Crazy Dad

By On May 27, 2013

Those antics had to come from somewhere. Hours after Ben-Gurion announced Israeli independence, Arab forces launched a massive ground invasion. Days later, the American pilot Milton Rubenfeld volunteered for the brand new Israeli Air Force.… Read More


The Gospel According to Jesus’s Mom

By On May 24, 2013

The more familiar a story, the greater the challenge for a novelist. How do you convince readers to look out for more than they already know? Naomi Alderman‘s 3rd novel, The Liars’ Gospel, takes on… Read More


Shivah: The Video Game

By On May 23, 2013

If we had a shekel for every time we’ve paid a shivah call and wanted to make a game of it…we’d be broke. But that hasn’t been Dave Gilbert’s experience. Gilbert’s brainchild, “The Shivah,” is a murder mystery game… Read More


Jewniverse is seeking an intern!

By On May 22, 2013

Jewniverse is a project of MyJewishLearning, Inc, an umbrella of pluralistic, nondenominational Jewish websites and blogs, and we’re looking for an intern for support with a variety of tasks. Interns will work… Read More


Sleeping Through the Holocaust in Ukrainian Caves

By On May 22, 2013

When 5-year-old Sima Dodyk emerged from the cave where she spent almost 2 years, she cried to her mother to “turn off the candle.” So foreign was the blinding sun, she favored the dark.… Read More


Israel’s Secret Army

By On May 21, 2013

In 1948, on the eve of Israel’s independence, a group of Jewish fighter pilots climbed into reclaimed German aircraft wearing cast-off German uniforms. This isn’t a Jewish spinoff of M*A*S*H*; it’s the circumstances in which… Read More


A Diary of the Nazi Years

By On May 20, 2013

After a Gestapo raid on May 27, 1942, Victor Klemperer wrote in his diary that the journal’s discovery “undoubtedly” would have meant death. “But,” the journalist and scholar vowed, “I shall go on writing. That… Read More


The Jewish Death Curse

By On May 17, 2013

Amid Israeli politician Naftali Bennett’s recent assortment of junk mail, hate mail, and fan mail lay one unusual item: an ancient Jewish curse called a Pulsa Dinura (Aramaic for “lashes of fire”). But Bennett, who has… Read More