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June, 2013


The Jewish Women Who Inspired the Defeat of DOMA

By On June 28, 2013

By now you probably know all about Edie Windsor, the octogenarian whose lawsuit led to the defeat of DOMA. What you might not know is the life story of her late wife, Thea… Read More


An Illustrated Kafka For Kids

By On June 27, 2013

Children’s books, with their large glossy pages and sparse text, often follow puppies on magical adventures, and always end happily. My First Kafka: Runaways, Rodents & Giant Bugs is no such book. The pages… Read More


The Last Jewish Waiter

By On June 26, 2013

David Manheim, a 38-year-old waiter at New York’s famous Katz’s Deli, hates his job. Really hates his job. And he’s always wanted his own talk show. So on April 20th, he merged his only love with… Read More


The Birth of the Crock-Pot

By On June 25, 2013

While you may be familiar with the gloppy yet delicious Shabbat afternoon stew that is cholent, you may not know about the word’s French etymology, nor the fact that we have a  Jewish inventor… Read More


Bambi…and the Holocaust

By On June 24, 2013

The death of Bambi’s mother is many children’s first encounter with death. But the history of the book that inspired the film is even darker story than the story it tells. Born Siegmund… Read More


Jews for Hearth & Home

By On June 21, 2013

Old men with sidelocks and stethoscopes, violinists in black suits and hats, humpbacks with big noses and prayer shawls. Such is the population not of Kazimierz, Krakow’s historically Jewish district, but of the knickknack and souvenir shops lining… Read More


Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah?

By On June 20, 2013

Sporting a blue t-shirt emblazoned with a Star of David, Jessie Kahnweiler walks across a bridge with a guy who’s also dressed as a Super Jew. They’ve been flitting about LA bestowing fortune on average… Read More


Does This Hat Make Me Look like Hitler?

By On June 19, 2013

Recently, when images of this kettle that looks like Hitler went viral, it created such a tempest in a, well, teapot that JCPenney pulled the item from its shelves, and announced that the resemblance… Read More


From “Ghostbusters” to His Mother’s Brisket

By On June 18, 2013

He was the possessed keymaster neighbor, the beer-swiller, the kid-shrinker, the coach of Little Giants. He was Barney Rubble in a terrible Flintstones flick. He even donned a dark helmet in outer space. He’s Rick Moranis, and he’s back—sort of.… Read More


Kafka’s Hasidic Sidekick

By On June 17, 2013

In 1894, boys like Jiří Langer were a dime a dozen: Born into an assimilated Jewish family in Prague, there was nothing notable about him until, at 19, he bought “a railway ticket to… Read More


Mickey Katz, Borscht Jester

By On June 14, 2013

In the 1960s, my father kept a handful of well-worn LPs in the rack under the hi-fi: some Broadway soundtracks, some Sinatra, Mitch Miller, Tchaikovsky and, of course, Mickey Katz. It was mandatory in every Jewish home.… Read More


Poking Around the Toymaker’s Home

By On June 13, 2013

Ever wanted to peek into the home life of a professional toymaker and artist? At a new exhibit at Los Angeles’s Skirball Cultural Center, now you can. “The Door is Always Open” recreates the childhood… Read More