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July, 2013


When Borscht Belt Comedy Went to School

By On July 31, 2013

“The birth of modern stand-up comedy begins in the Catskills Mountains,” so says When Comedy Went To School, a new film that traces the evolution of comedy as we know it. Narrated by Robert… Read More


A Hidden German History of Palestine

By On July 30, 2013

Jews weren’t the only European immigrants who arrived in Palestine in the late 19th century. Among those who’d journeyed for commercial, artistic, or missionary purposes was a German Christian group called the Templers. Starting… Read More


“Drop Dead Diva” and the Murder-Victim Exception

By On July 29, 2013

There are plenty of TV shows that get Jewish law wrong (we’re looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy and Curb Your Enthusiasm), so we love it when one gets it right, and teaches us something in… Read More


Ben-Gurion’s Rice

By On July 26, 2013

You might recall a story that takes place in Chelm, city of fools, in which the village runs out of sour cream right before Shavuot. The elders suggest that since they still have plenty of water, why not… Read More


The Rebbe’s Brooklyn Abode… In Brazil

By On July 25, 2013

Why has one building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn been painstakingly recreated all over the world, from São Paulo to Melbourne, Los Angeles to Milan? Because the building, 770 Eastern Parkway, is the headquarters of Chabad Lubavitch, the Hasidic sect known… Read More


The Knight Who Saved 700 Jews

By On July 24, 2013

Nicky’s Family, a new film by Slovak director Matej Mináč, tells the story of a 20th-century hero you probably don’t know, but should: A British stockbroker named Nicholas Winton who rescued nearly 700 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Sudetenland.… Read More


The Last King of Hawai’i and his Jewish Fortune Teller

By On July 23, 2013

How does a Jewish peddler with a shady past become the trusted adviser to the king of Hawai’i? Apparently by getting him drunk, chanting in Hebrew, and casting rosy horoscopes about his future. Elias… Read More


Across-the-Jewniverse Summer Wish List

By On July 21, 2013

We’ve finally organized all the books we’ve been meaning to read, picnic gear we’ve been meaning to buy, and kitsch we’ve been meaning to show off. Check out our finds below, and… Read More


A Simulated Diary of a Jewish Hamburger

By On July 19, 2013

An Internet diary that, instead of serving news and musings, takes you moment by moment through an 80-year-old story: this is the vision of Swedish novelist, pilot, and documentarian Torkel S. Wächter, mastermind… Read More


The Jewish Strongman And The Baby Elephant

By On July 18, 2013

As the stereotype goes, Jewish men are bookish and sensitive, nerdy and meek, and they don’t let railroad workers drive sledgehammers into tombstones laid on their chests. Or do they? Zishe Breitbart,… Read More


The Temptations Do “Fiddler on the Roof”

By On July 17, 2013

You’ve heard “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” and you might even know half the lyrics, but you’ve probably never heard as groovy a take as The Temptations’. Though best known for their number 1 hit, “My Girl,” the Temptations’… Read More


A Jewish Pop-Up Museum in a Random Portuguese Town

By On July 16, 2013

For the past month, residents of Cabanas de Viriato, a small town in central Portugal have been greeted by a strange site outside a dilapidated old mansion: frosted glass pavilions with 30,000 embossed… Read More