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December, 2013


The Jewiest Porn You Ever Did See

By On December 31, 2013

G-rated Jew porn is a thing. Okay, maybe it’s PG. Regardless, the idea for a Jewish porn site that anyone from your bubbe to a bar mitzvah boy will enjoy—but not like that—… Read More


Not New Year’s for Jews!

By On December 31, 2013

According to the Jewish calendar, nothing happens tonight at midnight. It is 5774 now, and it will be 5774 tomorrow. You probably think that’s because Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year. And it is—one of… Read More

The Yiddish Hobbit

How The Hobbit Learned Yiddish

By On December 30, 2013

Your grandparents might have read Yiddish translations of Shakespeare or Jules Verne (which were always “fartaytsht un farbesert,” of course). But they couldn’t have read The Hobbit—until now. As we say farewell to… Read More

Lion Seeker

A Great Jewish Novel, Out of South Africa

By On December 27, 2013

Jews spend a lot of time thinking about “what if?” What if you fall and break your neck, God forbid? What if God had brought us out of Egypt but never given us the… Read More

Ed Schoenfeld

The Man Who Introduced Matzo Balls to Moo Goo Gai Pan

By On December 25, 2013

If you ate Chinese food last night you took place in a custom as entrenched as turkey and football, as latkes and sour cream, as…pastrami and egg rolls? “My personal joke is that I learned… Read More


How Christmas Eve Became a Jewish Holiday

By On December 24, 2013

  You may associate Christmas with Chinese food and a trip to the cineplex, but there’s an older and stranger Jewish tradition for Christmas Eve: Nittel Nacht. Nittel Nacht, whose etymology is uncertain, was the… Read More


Gaming the Nazis, and Chess

By On December 23, 2013

You don’t often hear of concentration-camp inmates using their chess skills to win favor with Nazi guards before managing to escape. Nor do you hear of Hungarians learning Hebrew as adults and then becoming celebrated satirists… Read More

Stealing Cherries

Dating in Brooklyn While Russian

By On December 20, 2013

Today, Marina Rubin is a mainstay of the lower Manhattan poetry scene. But in 1989—when most of the stories in her new collection, Stealing Cherries, take place—she was a refusenik, a new immigrant from the Ukraine,… Read More


A Muslim, a Jew, and a Jerusalem Kabbalist

By On December 19, 2013

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—and sometimes, one man’s trash is another man’s history. In her second novel, In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist, Ruchama King Feuerman explores the ways two men—one Jewish, one… Read More


In Israel, A Social Network for the Dead

By On December 17, 2013

Ever wished you knew where your great-great-grandparents were buried? Ever wanted to visit the grave of a distant relative but don’t know where to find it? There’s a new social network designed to help… Read More


Help Us Find the Makers of “Snowvadia,” the Chief Sephardic Rabbi Snowman

By On December 16, 2013

Today we stumbled upon a hard-to-miss snapshot of “Snowvadia Yosef,” a well-crafted homage to Ovadia Yosef, the recently deceased former Sephardic rabbi of Israel and spiritual leader of the Shas party. Snowvadia,… Read More


Gogol-Mogol, The Shtetl Miracle Cocktail

By On December 16, 2013

From the same folks who discovered chicken soup and munching garlic cloves as remedies for the common cold, came the “gogol-mogol” the once-revered, now maligned shtetl health cocktail. What, haven’t heard of it? Gogol-mogol, or… Read More