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February, 2014

Yisrael Radai

The Israeli Who Put Your Virus Under the Microscope

By On February 28, 2014

Picture a scientist studying viruses. You probably envision someone in a white lab coat staring at vials, working with centrifuges, and peering into microscopes. But what if they are studying computer viruses? Who figures… Read More

The Oldest Holocaust Survivor in the World

The Oldest Holocaust Survivor in the World

By On February 27, 2014

What’s it like to be born twice and have your second life last twice as long as the first? Alice Sommer Herz, the subject of Malcolm Clarke’s Oscar-nominated short documentary The Lady in… Read More

The Prime Time Jewvangelist on a Website Near You

The Prime Time Jewvangelist on a Website Near You

By On February 26, 2014

Rabbi Leah Levy has a problem: no one is showing up for services at her temple. But why? Should she blame the cantor, a wannabe pop star who believes he has “good looks,… Read More

Chana Mlotek

NYC’s Beloved Yiddishe Music Maven

By On February 25, 2014

You never know what treasures lurk within NYC buildings. For many years, just blocks from Manhattan’s Union Square, a woman named Chana Mlotek curated the Yiddish music collection at the vaunted YIVO archives. Born Eleanor… Read More

The Path of Names

Kabbalah, Supernatural Bug Juice, and Other Camp Delights

By On February 24, 2014

Ah, Jewish summer camp memories: Bunk raids, incessant singing, daddy longlegs crawling everywhere, and of course mystical, supernatural adventures. Maybe not that last one, unless you’re the protagonist in Ari Goelman’s debut novel, The Path of… Read More


The Black, Gay, Jewish Shtetl Virtuoso

By On February 21, 2014

What do you get when a black, Jewish, gay Yiddish and classical singer gets together with a virtuosic klezmer ensemble that plays old country music from the Ottoman Empire? And then throws in some artsy… Read More

Superheroes storm Jerusalem

Comic-Book Heroes Storm Jerusalem

By On February 20, 2014

The paper-cut artist Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik—whose website, tellingly, is—appropriates old comic books into some seriously Jewish art. In his new exhibit at UCLA’s Hillel, “Super Heroes, Holy Land,” Brynjegard-Bialik presents comic-book panels that have been chopped… Read More

Dear Officer

Love Notes to Israeli Traffic Cops

By On February 19, 2014

Leave it to Israelis to fight back against the Man. In the ever-raging, worldwide war between drivers and ticketing police officers, Israelis are striking a new, utterly harmless and friendly blow: that of the… Read More

The Bible's Time-Traveling Camels

The Bible’s Time-Traveling Camels

By On February 18, 2014

Bad news for biblical literalists: Recent research conducted by two Tel Aviv University archaeologists shows that camels weren’t domesticated in the eastern Mediterranean until the 10th century B.C., centuries after they appear in the Hebrew… Read More


A Holocaust Novel with Fangs

By On February 17, 2014

It’s hard to pick up a novel these days without encountering vampires and zombies. Even the classics (see: Pride and Prejudice) are not immune from the craze. But there’s one mode of storytelling from which,… Read More

The Jewish Woman Who Invented the Modern Bra

The Jewish Woman Who Invented the Modern Bra

By On February 14, 2014

In the 1950s and 60s, Maidenform ran a series of ads with the slogan, “I dreamed.” In one, a woman “won the election in my Maidenform bra.” In another, a woman “opened the World Series in my Maidenform… Read More

Lrusty the Clown's Rabbinic Lineage

Krusty the Clown’s Rabbinic Lineage

By On February 13, 2014

Just as the Colorado town in South Park has its resident schlemiels, the Springfield of The Simpsons has its very own Jewish clown: Krusty, of course. Let’s reminisce. The third season’s beloved “Like Father, Like Clown” finds Krusty the Clown… Read More