Jewish culture and history are full of fascinating, obscure, and amazing treasures. Some of them have been buried for thousands of years. Others are popping up in Broadway musicals, musty bookstores, and around the Internet as YouTube sensations. Jewniverse discovers them and sends you the scoop.


The Top Jewish Moments of the 2016 Election, in an Interactive Timeline

By On November 7, 2016

It’s hard to keep track of all the Jewish milestones, quirks, faux-pas, and near-disasters of this election. From the high of Bernie Sanders’ being the first Jewish candidate to win a major… Read More

The Yemeni Sisters Whose Video is Sweeping Across Israel and the Muslim World

The Israeli Band Carrying the Torch for Yemen’s Last Jews

By On March 28, 2016

The recent airlift evacuation of 19 Yemenite Jews to Israel made international news — now, there are only 50 Jews remaining in the Middle Eastern country. The 2000-year-old Jewish community in Yemen seems… Read More


The Jewish Woman Who Taught Us What We Know About Kids

By On May 22, 2015

  If you thought our current obsession with all things parenting (like, ahem, parenting websites) was something new to the modern world, think again. Dorothy Walter Baruch, who was born in 1899,… Read More

The Nobel-Winning Scientist Who Wouldn't Let the Nazis Keep Her Down

The Nobel-Winning Scientist Who Wouldn’t Let the Nazis Keep Her Down

By On May 15, 2015

Born in Turin, in northwestern Italy, on April 22, 1909, Rita Levi-Montalcini had began her research on nerve cells at the University of Turin. But after being banned from the university in… Read More


The Woman Who Invented Barbie…and Prosthetic Breasts

By On May 11, 2015

There is a lot we can write here about the Barbie doll and the havoc she’s wrought on our principles and collective self-image but one thing less discussed is her Jewish creator,… Read More

A Bible the Size of a Sugar Granule

A Bible the Size of a Sugar Granule

By On May 5, 2015

You’ve never seen the Bible like this before. That is, if you can see it at all. For the 50th anniversary of the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead… Read More

How Jewish Actress Hedy Lamarr Paved the Way for WiFi

How Jewish Actress Hedy Lamarr Paved the Way for Wi-Fi

By On May 1, 2015

  When one thinks of the Jewish screen siren Hedy Lamarr, images of wireless technology do not exactly come to mind. More than likely one thinks about her starring roles in Tortilla… Read More

The Crazy New Invention for Using Electricity on Shabbat

The Crazy New Invention for Using Electricity on Shabbat

By On April 21, 2015

For many observant Jews, not using electricity is one of the most salient aspects of Sabbath observance. But a new invention aims to change that. By changing the way a light switch… Read More

Jewniverse Summer Film Picks

Jewniverse Goes to the Movies

By On August 21, 2014

Rainy summer night? Lazy evening at the beach? Stay-cation at home? Grab some snacks and settle in to a movie. You can watch most of these on Amazon Instant right now. Or… Read More

Jewniverse beach reads

Jewniverse Beach Reading!

By On August 12, 2014

Check back all week for our top summer reading picks from the archives! Monday’s pick: Shakespeare The Spy, a novel about an Israeli spy named Shakespeare by Joshua Sobol. Nothing else like this. Tuesday’s pick: Half… Read More

Happy Shavuot!

The Worldwide Jewish Cheesecake Festival

By On June 3, 2014

We’ll be signing off for a couple days in observance of Shavuot. Read about the holiday here, or just make a delicious cheesecake from our favorite food blog, The Nosher. See you on… Read More


Shop Purim! Costumes & Kitsch.

By On March 7, 2014

Happy Purim, Jewniverse! We’ve collected some of the best costumes, gifts and general Purim shtick that you could dream of to celebrate the holiday. We hope you enjoy these picks as much as… Read More

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