Gabe Friedman

Gabe is an editorial assistant at JTA News. Previously, he was an arts and culture fellow at the Forward, where he wrote dozens of stories, including a feature on a Jewish family who settled in Pakistan and a profile of the Jewish founder of the popular music venue/bowling alley Brooklyn Bowl. Gabe is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago; as a student there, he contributed to various campus and community publications.


Gimmel, the Finnish Girl Band With a Hebrew Name

By On May 12, 2017

Most Jews know gimmel as the best Hebrew letter on a dreidel — you know, the one that gives the lucky spinner the entire pot of chocolate gelt. But all Hebrew letters… Read More


This Jewish Scientist Discovered The Magic of THC

By On April 12, 2017

In the early 1960s, a Bulgarian-born scientist named Raphael Mechoulam was caught carrying five kilograms of, as he called it, “superb, smuggled Lebanese hashish” on a bus from Tel Aviv to Rehovot. But… Read More


These Brit-Rock Maccabees Are Not What You’d Expect

By On December 30, 2016

Don’t confuse The Maccabees with The Maccabeats. The latter is a popular Jewish a capella group based at Yeshiva University. The former was a popular British rock band that played at some… Read More


Anti-Trump Comics From the Spiegelman Family

By On December 6, 2016

Some of those distressed by the election of Donald Trump have rallied and protested. Others have turned to art. The New Yorker’s art director Francoise Mouly and writer Nadja Spiegelman — the… Read More


Israel’s Biggest Drag Queen Was Once a Good Yeshiva Boy

By On December 1, 2016

It’s been about 15 years since Israeli Lior Yisraelov first tried on a dress at a Purim party during his last year at an Orthodox yeshiva high school. Since then, he has… Read More


This 15-Year-Old Orthodox Girl Is a Champion Powerlifter

By On November 10, 2016

When one thinks of a competitive powerlifter, a pretty standard image comes to mind: an enormous man in tights bulging with muscle. Not quite a petite Orthodox girl too young to have… Read More


How To Talk Like a Holocaust Scholar

By On September 28, 2016

Historian Deborah Lipstadt is used to giving lectures on the Holocaust at Emory University — not recording the way she says mundane phrases like “goodnight.” But that’s exactly what she did to… Read More


This Post-9/11 “Seinfeld” Script is Cringe-Worthy — But Also Incredible

By On September 6, 2016

Last month, something potentially terrible happened: Someone decided to write out a hypothetical script for an episode of Seinfeld set in the days after September 11, 2001. The sheer audacity of the move… Read More

This Cult Classic Indie Rock Album is a Surprising Tribute to Anne Frank

This Cult Classic Indie Rock Album is a Surprising Tribute to Anne Frank

By On July 18, 2016

Neutral Milk Hotel is the kind of band that one either fanatically loves or has never heard of. Their 1998 folk rock magnum opus “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” is a… Read More

What do you Get When You Cross a Hipster and a Neo-Nazi?

What do you Get When You Cross a Neo-Nazi and a Hipster?

By On January 9, 2015

Hello, Nipster. As the neo-Nazi movement in Germany continues to shrink, some of the country’s extremists are trying to shed their intimidating skinhead image to appeal to a younger generation. That means… Read More

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