Lisa Goldman

Lisa Goldman is the director of the Israel-Palestine Initiative at New America. Born and raised in Canada, she lived in Tel Aviv-Jaffa for more than a decade before relocating to Brooklyn in 2012.

Singing Yiddish Road Songs with Syrian Refugees

Singing Yiddish Road Songs With Syrian Refugees

By On September 15, 2015 Thousands of Syrian asylum seekers have been stuck for weeks in Hungary, prevented by security forces from boarding trains that would take them to Germany, their final destination. The media has… Read More


Watch Emma Goldman’s Radical Life, 75 Years After Her Death

By On May 13, 2015

  Honor Emma Goldman and the 75th anniversary of her death the 21st-century way: by watching a documentary about her on YouTube. Through a combination of archival photographs, letters, journals, and reenactments,… Read More


When the Hearthrob of the Yiddish Cinema Led Kol Nidre

By On October 3, 2014

If Kol Nidre has never made you shiver with emotion, then you must see the 1940 acclaimed Yiddish film Overture to Glory (“Der Vilner Balebesl”). Made in New York, the film offers a glimpse at a world—and… Read More

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