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Emma Goldman’s Ice Cream Parlor Bankrolled Her Anarchism

By On August 14, 2017

Emma Goldman’s ideas on labor were radical. She abhorred the aristocracy, championed the working class, and detested the very notion of business. She also sold ice cream. Goldman and her lover Alexander… Read More


Watch Emma Goldman’s Radical Life, 75 Years After Her Death

By On May 13, 2015

  Honor Emma Goldman and the 75th anniversary of her death the 21st-century way: by watching a documentary about her on YouTube. Through a combination of archival photographs, letters, journals, and reenactments,… Read More

How to Host an Anarchy Seder

How to Host an Anarchy Seder

By On March 31, 2015

Many a Passover seder leader finds herself pulled between the opposing poles of structure and chaos. One method of finding that balance: the anarchy seder. At anarchy seders, like the one Rabbi… Read More

The 19th-Century Jewish Anarchist Named Emma

A New York City Anarchist Named Emma

By On September 11, 2014

A far cry from mallrats sporting Che Guevara t-shirts and pocket manifestos, Emma Goldman was the real deal: anarchist, lecturer, writer, and all around intellectual instigator. Born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1869 to an Orthodox family,… Read More


The Little Prince’s Jewish BFF

By On March 17, 2014

It’s probably a bit surprising that The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s beloved 1943 children’s book, is dedicated to an adult. Even more surprising is that that adult, Léon Werth, was a Jewish anarchist and leftist Bolshevik supporter.… Read More

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