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Why These Israeli Twins Are Drawing Htoo Warmongering Twins

By On August 12, 2015

The plot of The Divine—a new graphic novel from the comic virtuosos behind Waltz with Bashir—goes something like this: Mark, a war veteran, accepts a promising yet sketchy military contract for mining… Read More


Sexy Beijing

By On June 19, 2012

Imagine a pool in a luxury spa in the center of China, with vaulted ceilings and exquisitely painted walls, filled with purified rainwater, and fit for an emperor to bathe in… Or, actually, an… Read More


Jews Aren’t Just White

By On October 11, 2011

Is the Jewish population growing or shrinking? It could be doing either, depending which survey you’re looking at. The one thing everyone agrees on is this: It’s changing. Be’chol Lashon is a group dedicated to… Read More


Korea–a Jewish Study Center

By On April 8, 2011

One of the newest and biggest centers of Talmud study is neither in Hasidic Brooklyn nor in Israel–it’s the nation of South Korea. The Talmud, the ancient collection of Jewish wisdom, stories, and laws, occupies… Read More


Jews and Leeches

By On April 6, 2011

Humanity has stumbled upon some bizarre medical cures, from crystals to marijuana, but one of the downright oddest has to be the hirudo medicinalis, the European medicinal leech. Leeches have been used in medical… Read More