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Barbra Streisand Asked Bob Dylan to Make a Record Together

By On December 5, 2017

Jewish fantasies everywhere came true last year when a handwritten card from Barbra Streisand to Bob Dylan was uncovered in the Dylan Archive, a trove of 6,000 pieces of his paraphernalia. The… Read More


This Austrian Jew Played ‘Fiddler’s’ Tevye 2000 Times

By On September 23, 2016

A couple months ago, the world lost a truly singular talent: a man of exceptional range and kindness, a real gutte neshuma (a good soul). That man was 91-year-old Theodore Bikel: actor, singer,… Read More

Bob Dylan Lyrics as Oral Law

Bob Dylan Lyrics as Oral Law?

By On March 8, 2016

  “Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call. Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall,” sang Bob Dylan in his 1964 anthem “The Times They Are a-Changin’.” Dylan was… Read More

Izzy Young, The American Folk Music Legend Who Ran Away to Sweden

Izzy Young, The American Folk Music Legend Who Ran Away to Sweden

By On February 10, 2016

  A few months ago, twenty shipping boxes arrived at the American Folklife Center in Washington, DC. Inside were journals, manuscripts, photographs and recordings of some of America’s greatest musicians, including Pete… Read More

When Bob Dylan Went Hasidic at a Chabad Telethon

By On October 28, 2015

Bob Dylan is a well-known iconoclast, from his combative tone with reporters (see this clip from the 1967 Dylan documentary Don’t Look Back) to his born-again Christian phase in the late 1970s… Read More


He Shall Be Released

By On August 14, 2012

In 1968, Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy wrote “Hurricane,” a song about a man, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who many believed was falsely convicted of murder. The song became one of Dylan’s most successful singles,… Read More


Bob Dylan Learned Guitar at Jewish Sleepaway Camp

By On August 7, 2012

Like many other Jewish kids, Bob Dylan went to Jewish summer camp. Growing up in Hibbing, Minnesota,  the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Odessa, Robert Zimmerman (as he was then known) spent his summers at Herzl Camp,… Read More


The Mongrel Jews

By On December 29, 2010

  The self-described “street folk” band The Mongrel Jews plays old-fashioned folk and bluegrass music. Though they’ve started playing proper concert halls and touring, the trio still plays music on the corners of their… Read More

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