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These Brit-Rock Maccabees Are Not What You’d Expect

By On December 30, 2016

Don’t confuse The Maccabees with The Maccabeats. The latter is a popular Jewish a capella group based at Yeshiva University. The former was a popular British rock band that played at some… Read More


Watch Donald Trump Being Interviewed By The Hilarious Ali G

By On October 10, 2016

In 2003, long before Donald Trump’s supposed business acumen would be the foundation of his presidential campaign, Ali G, aka Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame, brought The Donald on to Da Ali… Read More

A Riveting Gay Family Drama, From Israel to London and Back Again

A Riveting Gay Family Drama, From Israel to London and Back Again

By On August 9, 2016

During rehearsal for the London Gay Men’s Chorus, Saar Maoz gets a shoulder massage from the man behind him while giving one to the man in front of him. Their voices sound… Read More

The Jew Who Made England a Paradise for Walking

The Jew Who Made England a Paradise for Walking

By On June 2, 2016

Benny Rothman could climb any mountain. And he risked his life fighting for our rights to do the same. Rothman was born to a poor British family in 1911 and became an… Read More

Why This Israeli Independence Day We're Thinking of British Novelist George Eliot

Why This Israeli Independence Day We’ve Got British Novelist George Eliot On The Mind

By On May 11, 2016

This Israeli Independence Day, we’re thinking not of Theodor Herzl but of a less traditionally heralded Zionist: the unconventional British novelist George Eliot, whose controversial proto-Zionist novel Daniel Deronda (1876) argued that… Read More

Christopher Guest Isn't Just Hilarious. He's a Baron.

Christopher Guest Isn’t Just Hilarious. He’s a Baron.

By On December 8, 2015

Christopher Guest is very, very funny. Case in point, his fabulously impressive filmography, filled with ‘mockumentary’ all-stars like Best in Show, This Is Spinal Tap, and Waiting For Guffman. Directorial bona fides… Read More

Why Didn’t British Jews get Rickets?

Why Didn’t Britain’s Jewish Kids Get Rickets?

By On July 27, 2015

Rickets, a vitamin D deficiency disease that causes children’s bones to soften, was so common in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that doctors were at a loss for… Read More


The Downton Abbey-Era Jewish Suffragettes

By On November 4, 2013

The Jewish World called them “blackguards in bonnets.” In October 1913, 3 women were thrown out of London’s New West End Synagogue during Yom Kippur services after loudly declaring: “May God forgive Herbert Samuel and Sir Rufus Isaacs for denying… Read More


Little Prince George and The Mohel of the Royals

By On August 2, 2013

What do you get a royal schmuck? A royal mohel, of course! Looks like little Prince George Alexander Louis—you know, Will and Kate’s kid—may have a date with the knife. Or not. It’s hard to… Read More


Ringo the Jew?

By On December 14, 2012

Most every Jewish kid who grew up in 1960s America looked up to Ringo Starr. He was one of us, the Jewish Beatle, the one who had been bar mitzvahed. There was just… Read More