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Nittel Nacht

Why Hasids Celebrate Xmas Eve (Sort Of)

By On December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve has such a marked place in European Jewish history that it has its own name: Nittel Nacht. As a precaution against the violent acts by marauding Eastern European and Russian… Read More


How Christmas Eve Became a Jewish Holiday

By On December 24, 2013

  You may associate Christmas with Chinese food and a trip to the cineplex, but there’s an older and stranger Jewish tradition for Christmas Eve: Nittel Nacht. Nittel Nacht, whose etymology is uncertain, was the… Read More


As Jewish As Chinese Food

By On July 28, 2011

“Ask yourself, what food have you eaten more recently,” says author Jennifer 8. Lee, “apple pie or Chinese food?” Chinese food, Lee says, is the most popular food in America. There are more Chinese restaurants… Read More


Theodor Herzl’s Christmas Tree

By On December 24, 2010

  Jews have devised all sorts of mechanisms for dealing with the holiday on December 25 that shuts down most of the Western world. In centuries past, Jewish communities have hid from… Read More