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Watch Donald Trump Being Interviewed By The Hilarious Ali G

By On October 10, 2016

In 2003, long before Donald Trump’s supposed business acumen would be the foundation of his presidential campaign, Ali G, aka Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame, brought The Donald on to Da Ali… Read More


This Post-9/11 “Seinfeld” Script is Cringe-Worthy — But Also Incredible

By On September 6, 2016

Last month, something potentially terrible happened: Someone decided to write out a hypothetical script for an episode of Seinfeld set in the days after September 11, 2001. The sheer audacity of the move… Read More


A New Film About Writer Nora Ephron’s Life, Lovingly Made by Her Son

By On May 5, 2016

When the acerbic, brilliant Jewish essayist, novelist, screenwriter, and director Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle) was a child, her mother used to tell her, “Everything is copy.” What… Read More


When Borscht Belt Comedy Went to School

By On July 31, 2013

“The birth of modern stand-up comedy begins in the Catskills Mountains,” so says When Comedy Went To School, a new film that traces the evolution of comedy as we know it. Narrated by Robert… Read More


Jewish Singles Dances

By On August 6, 2012

“Jewish singles dances in the eighties were my guarantee of a lot of free dinners and great stories,” writes Harriet Rose, a stand-up comic and author of the new essay collection I’m Easy,… Read More


Flirting, Israeli Style

By On June 14, 2012

Like your craziest high-school friend, the TV show Coupling will try anything once. This British sitcom is actually a love story, a fictionalized version of the romance between writer Steven Moffat (currently the showrunner of Doctor… Read More


The Holocaust, with Punchlines

By On April 19, 2012

Edge City is a daily comic strip published in many national newspapers. It’s about a family, the Ardins, who happen to be Jewish. Jewish subjects don’t feature in the Ardins’ life every day, but their… Read More


Hard to Hear

By On March 22, 2012

“Being the hearing child of deaf parents,” says stand-up comic Moshe Kasher in his new memoir, Kasher in the Rye, “is a membership card to a very elite club. To other deaf people, we aren’t… Read More


Third Time’s the Charm

By On January 18, 2012

There’s a man at a comedy club wearing a black suit, white shirt, and twirled sidelocks. He’s telling the audience about his last flight to Israel. “When I show up for the flight looking like… Read More


Hebrew for Fun and Profit

By On August 23, 2011

Do Jews speak a different language than other people? The comedy duo Jake and Amir are a latter-day Abbot and Costello, or perhaps the Three Stooges split between two people. (Amir is… Read More


The Yiddish Godfather

By On July 5, 2011

Sholem Aleichem was one of the first authors to write in Yiddish–a language that’s been around for hundreds of years, but has only had a body of literature for 150 years or so. Before… Read More


Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

By On November 24, 2010

Samson Koletkar is a funny guy with a killer delivery. And the fact that he’s a Jewish Indian comedian, cracking jokes to American audiences is only a small part of his fabulous act. When… Read More