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This Jewish Hollywood Cowboy Invented the Pie-in-the-Face Genre

By On August 1, 2017

A Jewish kid from Arkansas pulls off the ultimate reinvention and makes himself a cowboy. In the process, he becomes a motion-picture pioneer — not least by filming the first on-screen pie-in-the… Read More


The Kinkiest Jewish Cowboy in Texas

By On October 14, 2016

  Richard S. “Kinky” Friedman has many faces, and he’s proud of each one. There’s Kinky Friedman, fictional detective, not to be confused with Kinky Friedman, the author who penned a series of… Read More


A 1950s Western With a Jewish Twist

By On July 1, 2013

Have Gun – Will Travel was an “adult Western” series that aired in the late 1950s to early 1960s. Set in San Francisco nearly 100 years earlier, the hero, Paladin (played by Richard Boone),… Read More


Popcorn Klezmer

By On November 2, 2011

Socalled is the performing name of Montreal-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Dolgin. His first studio album, “The Socalled Seder,” was literally that–a musical adaptation of the traditional Passover ritual. True to Socalled,… Read More


Cowboys Love Manischewitz

By On September 13, 2011

“There’s nothing so unusual about being a Jewish cowboy,” says Harold Stern, who should know–he’s one himself. Jewish cowboys have been the subject of songs, documentaries, and the album The Jewish Cowboy–a 1950s-era record which… Read More


Mrs. Wyatt Earp Was a Jewish Girl From Brooklyn

By On July 11, 2011

  Josephine Sarah Marcus was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family, the third of four children. At 18, she ran away to join a touring theatre company, which in 1879 was considered a brazen… Read More


The Jewish Cowboy’s Song

By On July 1, 2011

“There aren’t a lot of Jewish cowboys,” says 52-year-old Scott Gerber. In the 1940s, his uncle Sol moved from Chicago to California, and worked along with other family members as a chicken rancher.… Read More