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Lilith, Temptress of the Ancients

By On November 7, 2012

You’ve probably heard of Lilith: namesake of the women’s music festival and of the Jewish feminist magazine, but did you know that the feminist heroine was plucked straight from the ancient world? And that the… Read More


The Exorcists

By On July 27, 2011

Exorcism is a ritual performed in order to drive an evil spirit–whether demonic or ghostly–out of the body of a human. The practice has existed for thousands of years. In fact, according to the… Read More


The Book of Tobit

By On June 27, 2011

Here’s a story of demons, supernatural nuptials, and a dog who makes a pilgrimage. The Book of Tobit dates back more than 2500 years, to 700 BCE. It’s considered part of the apocrypha–a set of works that were… Read More