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This Just In: Kosher Vegan Shrimp!

Vegan Shrimp Is The Next Kosher Food Craze

By On May 27, 2016

New Wave Foods is a California company that’s dedicated to sustainable seafood. They create substitutes that taste just like the real thing, without destroying the environment — hence the genesis of their… Read More


Jews and Foie Gras

By On September 28, 2012

Foie gras is like fashion: one day it’s in, the next day it’s out. The state of California recently joined the list of places that have banned the production and sale of… Read More


Holy Pigging Out

By On January 13, 2011

Can the physical act of eating be a spiritual experience? Judaism offers different blessings as a way of sanctifying all sorts of things, from the food we eat to…well, going to the bathroom afterwards. Why is… Read More