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In Rhode Island, Jews Can Marry Their Relatives!

By On July 12, 2017

Here’s a legal love story for you. In 1913, Sam May and Fannie May, a coupla 26-year-old New Yorkers, wanted to get married, but they had to go all the way to… Read More


A New Israeli Film Explores the Afterlife of Holocaust Family Trauma

By On June 9, 2017

With the 50th anniversary of Israel’s Six-Day War upon us, that historical moment is getting a lot of attention. A critically acclaimed new Israeli film takes place against the backdrop of an… Read More


Rabbi, May I Beat My Wife, Please?

By On September 9, 2016

Under what conditions, the Talmud asks, may a man beat his wife? This is an important question given that a bad wife, in the rabbis’ estimation, may be beaten. A bad wife,… Read More

No Longer A Footnote in Her Father's Story, Nadja Spiegelman Publishes a Memoir of Her Own

Nadja Spiegelman Descended From Three Generations of Tough, Remarkable Women

By On August 22, 2016

“I have always known what it means to be a character in someone else’s story,” writes Nadja Spiegelman, daughter of New Yorker art director Francoise Mouly and legendary Maus graphic novelist Art… Read More

The 1990s' Baby-Sitters Club Books for Orthodox Girls

The 1990s’ Baby-Sitters Club Books for Orthodox Girls

By On May 26, 2016

  In the 1980s and 1990s, The Baby-Sitters Club ruled. The series, created by Ann M. Martin, followed a group of middle school girls as they babysat and navigated life as pre-teens,… Read More


A Jewish Mother-Daughter Relationship Like No Other

By On April 4, 2016

In a telling scene midway through Emmy award-winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum’s new documentary Look At Us Now, Mother!, Gayle’s mother explains to the camera, “One of the reasons that I might not… Read More


A Biblical Soap Opera Gets Its Primetime Debut

By On December 5, 2014

  If you love Bible stories for their soap-opera grade drama, you’ll swoon over adaptions of said stories that make them even juicier. Take, for example, Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent, a… Read More


Kosher Pajamas and Cosmetic Surgery in Ritzy Tel Aviv

By On November 7, 2013

What do cosmetic shoulder blade surgery, flak jackets made of spider silk, high-end shopping sprees as a stage of grief, and The Twilight Zone‘s Rod Serling have in common? Nothing, perhaps, but their convergence in Textile,… Read More


A New Play Wakes Up and Smells the Russian-Jewish Borscht

By On October 10, 2013

For years academics have been arguing over what makes today’s Russian Jews Jewish. Religion? Language? Yiddishkait? No. Covers, a new production by the Russian-Jewish-American theater group Lost and Found offers an answer to this question: books.… Read More


Meet the Middlesteins

By On October 22, 2012

In Jami Attenberg’s new novel The Middlesteins, the relationships between members of one suburban Chicago family are riddled with emotional landmines that all seem to link back to one woman: matriarch Edie Middlestein, sixty-something and… Read More