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finding love in a hopeless place


Young Yiddish Love Among the Nazis

By On October 30, 2013

The second Yiddish language film to be produced in North America in 70 years, and Canada’s first, The Pin is a bleak, moving film about love and remembrance. Set in 1941 Lithuania, The Pin tells the story of a burial guard named… Read More


Data: A Love Story

By On March 6, 2013

Amy Webb, in-demand internet consultant and math whiz had experienced one too many disastrous JDates. After one particularly awful one—on which the guy started taking phone calls from his wife—Webb went home, settled… Read More


The Secret Underbelly of the Shtetl

By On August 28, 2012

We suggest you spend some time exploring the secret history (and seedy underbelly) of the shtetl. It’s weirder than you think, we promise. Love in the shtetl—An animated short film about loving… Read More


Got a Stubborn & Rebellious Son? The Torah Says: Stone Him.

By On August 1, 2012

Think kids today have trouble with authority? The Torah (Deuteronomy 21:18) tells the story of a ben sorer u’moreh, a “stubborn and rebellious son” who “doesn’t hearken to the voice of his father or mother.” Let’s just… Read More


Splitting the Sea

By On October 27, 2010

  Think your job is hard? Try being a matchmaker. The ancient rabbis understood just how hard it is to find  that special someone and considered matchmaking a divine task. Literally. In one striking Talmudic vignette (Sotah… Read More