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The 1916 Knish War of the Lower East Side

By On November 14, 2017

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Rival restauranteurs battle over knishes! The 1910s were a bustling time for the Lower East Side shtetl-metropolis, where roughly 2 million Ashkenazi Jews were crammed more… Read More


Emma Goldman’s Ice Cream Parlor Bankrolled Her Anarchism

By On August 14, 2017

Emma Goldman’s ideas on labor were radical. She abhorred the aristocracy, championed the working class, and detested the very notion of business. She also sold ice cream. Goldman and her lover Alexander… Read More


A New Biblical Interpretation Says Jews Can Eat Bacon After All

By On June 19, 2017

It might be time to rethink everything you thought you knew about Jews and bacon. As you know, the laws of kashrut dictate that pigs are inherently unkosher: “And the swine, though… Read More


‘Jew With Beans’ Is This European Country’s National Dish

By On June 2, 2017

When in Luxembourg, do as the Luxembourgers do and order a plate of — wait for it — “Judd mat Gaardebounen,” literally “Jew with Beans.” You’ll get smoked pork collar with broad… Read More


Maimonides on Dieting: Matzah Sucks, and Bread’s Bad, Too

By On April 14, 2017

Moses Maimonides aka Rambam (1135-1204) was a full-time physician, philosopher, and Rabbinic commentator. So how did he have time to eat healthfully instead of just grabbing some ramen on the go? A… Read More


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hummus Is In This Film

By On August 31, 2016

Where can you find the best hummus in the world, and understand what goes into it? Hummus! The Movie provides some answers while offering a fun and fascinating look at the cutthroat… Read More


The 6000-Year-Old Edible Discovery Tucked Into Masada

By On July 20, 2016

When your country is located in the bosom of the Fertile Crescent–like, say, Israel–it’s sort of a given that you tend to be the first to a great discovery. Take barley, which… Read More


Just in Time For International Hummus Day, Survey Finds Israelis are Really, Really Into Hummus

By On May 12, 2016

Forget religion: The biggest point of contention among Israelis is where to get the best hummus. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the primo hummus spot. Starting at breakfast, lines form… Read More

A Candy Bar Identity Crisis With a Jewish Immigrant Backstory

A Candy Bar With a Jewish Identity Crisis

By On April 8, 2016

Other than Hanukah gelt, there isn’t too much candy renowned for being Jewish. But Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews are one. Introduced in 1917 by the Goldenberg Candy Company as a protein-rich ration for… Read More


Meet Max Ries, Who Brought Edible Insects to 1940s Chicago

By On February 5, 2016

There’s been a surge of interest in entomophagy, the human consumption of insects. Eighty percent of the world’s population already does it. Even in Israel, a recent locust swarm got foodies salivating,… Read More

Scan Your Snack With This Amazing Israeli Invention

Scan Your Snack With This Amazing Israeli Invention

By On September 21, 2015

It used to be that x-ray vision was just for superheroes like Superman and Ultra Boy. But now thanks to Israeli tech start-up ConsumerPhysics, you, too, can look at that apple and… Read More

The Incredible, Edible 7-Hour Sephardic Egg

The Incredible, Edible 7-Hour Sephardic Egg

By On August 10, 2015

Despite the proliferation of hard-boiled egg methods, the essentials are all pretty much the same: place eggs in a saucepan, cover them with cool water, bring to a boil, cover and remove… Read More

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