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Atone! With The Yom Kippur eScapegoat.

By On September 10, 2013

With the High Holidays upon us, the good folks who brought us quirky digital takes on the weekly Torah portion and that Leviticus-inspired iPhone game are back with something new: a website that lets you create a virtual scapegoat.… Read More


Meet Talmudic Environmentalist Honi the Circle-Maker

By On February 8, 2012

The Talmudic fable of Honi the Circle-Maker isn’t the only lesson on environmentalism from traditional Jewish sources, but it’s an especially fascinating–and especially strange–story. Honi, a first-century miracle-worker, had a foolproof way for making rain:… Read More


Messed-Up Bible Stories

By On January 26, 2012

There’s no denying it. Some stories from the Torah are straight-up disturbing. Often, in Hebrew schools and synagogues, people push these stories into the background, focusing instead on more easily understandable (and less shiver-inducing) parts. However, a new animated… Read More


Karaoke Shabbat

By On November 9, 2011

“One! Two! Three!” counts singer-songwriter Elana Jagoda. As she does, three stars appear in a twilight sky. The music kicks in–and thus begins “Havdalah,” one video in a new three-part series depicting Jewish rituals. The… Read More


Ten Commandments+South Park

By On January 11, 2011

A feminist rapper checks out how women were treated in the Torah. An advocate for the disabled discusses Moses‘s speech impediment. A gay activist (who’s also a Jewish educator) wrestles with the condemnation of homosexual sex.… Read More