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Lower Manhattan Supernatural

By On June 4, 2013

Every culture has its superstitions and its supermen: the German imp, the South African giant Abiyoyo, the golem of Jewish lore, and the jinni of Arabic mythology. What if, during one of America’s great waves of immigration, 2… Read More


The Secret Underbelly of the Shtetl

By On August 28, 2012

We suggest you spend some time exploring the secret history (and seedy underbelly) of the shtetl. It’s weirder than you think, we promise. Love in the shtetl—An animated short film about loving… Read More


Treasure Hunt in Prague

By On July 26, 2012

In the late 1500s, Prague was a cultural hotspot. The reigning monarch of the Holy Roman Empire, Emperor Rudolf II, was a patron of the arts and humanities, including scholars, sculptors, and mystics. Rudolf… Read More


A Golem Goes to Hebrew School

By On May 23, 2012

Literary grandmaster Cynthia Ozick is a critic, an innovator, and a clever storyteller who dips into every part of Jewish culture, from the true story of a Jewish painter with a Nazi benefactor to a female rabbi who creates a golem.… Read More



By On August 28, 2011

Is Superman Jewish? His creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both were–but the Man of Steel himself, a Charles Atlas poster-boy with a chiseled jaw and a body of, well, steel, wearing a costume… Read More