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The New Yiddish Film ‘Menashe’ Feels Both Foreign and Brooklyn All At Once

By On July 27, 2017

Menashe, a new dramatic film by filmmaker Joshua Z. Weinstein and out with A24, was shot entirely in Brooklyn’s Hasidic neighborhood of Borough Park; the language spoken is Yiddish; and much of… Read More


Is That Pop Song Korean…or Hasidic?

By On April 25, 2017

Think you could tell the difference between Korean and Hasidic pop music? Since you’d be hard pressed to find two more dissimilar cultures, you might think it’d be easy. But a new… Read More


A Beastie Boy’s Ode to Jewish Brooklyn—In Wallpaper Form

By On March 3, 2017

Mike D: founding member of the Beastie Boys, Jewish kid from NYC, and interior decorator specializing in Jewish themes? Michael “Mike D” Diamond, who rapped, sang, and played drums for everybody’s favorite… Read More


This Yiddish Ventriloquist Taught Tina Fey the Tricks of His Trade

By On February 28, 2017

Yiddish for dummies? Nope, it’s not the title of a paperback designed to get you back in touch with the mame-loshn — it’s what gets spoken during Jonathan Geffner’s Yiddish ventriloquist act. That’s… Read More


Ukraine’s Massive Hasidic Rosh Hashanah Party

By On September 7, 2015

  Picture this: thousands and thousands of Hasidim, dressed in flowing white, singing and dancing through the streets of Uman, Ukraine, on their way to the river for the ritual of Tashlikh.… Read More

The Filmmaker And the Hasid Who Met on Craigslist

The Filmmaker And the Hasid Who Met on Craigslist

By On November 7, 2014

When filmmaker Annie Berman posted an ad in the Craigslist “strictly platonic” section, she was looking for someone to give her some insight into the eruv in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a project she was researching. When… Read More


Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Spock Explain the Hasids

By On March 13, 2013

Who wouldn’t want a behind-the-scenes guided tour through Hasidic America? Someone to explain the history of the community and to answer your questions about everything from modesty to matchmakers, from faith to fear? Now imagine your… Read More


Hasid or Hipster

By On January 3, 2012

Hasidic men and women are usually pretty easy to spot—they are known for wearing a particular uniform: black suit with a white shirt, big black hat, beards and long sidecurls for men, and covered hair, long skirts, and… Read More