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In 1950, Anne Frank’s Diary Was Rescued From the Publisher’s Reject Pile

By On August 4, 2017

It turns out Anne Frank might owe her literary immortality to a young American editorial assistant named Judith Jones, who’d followed her love of French cooking to Paris in 1945. Five years… Read More

Why Orson Welles Almost Made a Film of Elie Wiesel's "Night," But Didn't

Here’s Why Orson Welles Almost Made a Film of Elie Wiesel’s “Night” — But Didn’t

By On July 10, 2016

Owing perhaps to his prodigious literary output, the late, beloved Elie Wiesel was unforgiving of bad, or inadequate, Holocaust art, which may explain his refusal to work with one of the greatest… Read More


A 1963 French Detective Holocaust Novel Gets a New Life

By On February 23, 2016

  A little remembered 1963 French detective novel by Hubert Monteilhet—Return from the Ashes—puts forth a fascinating scenario: a Jewish woman, presumed dead, returns to her hometown in France after being liberated… Read More


What Ever Happened to Italy’s Jews?

By On March 10, 2014

We usually think of historical fiction as storytelling that attempts to simulate the events and atmosphere of the past—but what if historical fiction recreated not the past itself, but the historian’s process… Read More


A Holocaust Novel with Fangs

By On February 17, 2014

It’s hard to pick up a novel these days without encountering vampires and zombies. Even the classics (see: Pride and Prejudice) are not immune from the craze. But there’s one mode of storytelling from which,… Read More


One Book, Two Holocaust Novels

By On November 5, 2012

The next great Jewish novel is coming from the heart of Germany. The Canvas, by Berlin-born Benjamin Stein, is a mystery novel with an innovative form: It’s actually two books in one. Start from… Read More


Breadcrumbs of the Past

By On February 6, 2012

Until recently, Bram Presser was known as the lead singer of YidCore, a Jewish punk band that played loud, fast versions of songs such as “If I Was a Rich Man” and “Wind Beneath… Read More


Maus in the Closet

By On November 25, 2011

Art Spiegelman is haunted by his history. Not only his father’s history as a Holocaust survivor–which was depicted in the graphic novel Maus (1986), regarded as one of the great works of Holocaust literature–but also his… Read More


The Night the Moon Vanished

By On September 16, 2011

A Blessing on the Moon is a magical, thoughtful novel by Joseph Skibell about ghosts and dreams and the afterlife…and it happens to take place during the Holocaust. One winter night, Chaim Skibelski and everyone in his… Read More

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