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A Hilarious, Forgotten Jewish Comedian Named Stanley

By On June 15, 2017

Which great Jewish comedian had oversized glasses, a nebbishy smile and a hilarious way of trying to get a date? The late, great Stanley Myron Handelman. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, Handelman… Read More


An Irreverent Haggadah to Hide Under the Seder Table

By On April 6, 2017

Imagine your most irreverent friend – the one who maybe eats a BLT on matzoh during Pesach, because “at least it’s not bread.” Yeah, what if you let him lead the seder… Read More


The “Yeah, Yeah” Philosopher

By On January 15, 2013

Few have better embodied the intersection between rabbinical thought and Western philosophy  as well as the late American philosopher and ordained rabbi Sidney Morgenbesser (1921-2004). Morgenbesser’s academic focus may have been on the humanities, but he… Read More


David Sedaris’ Perfect Apartment

By On September 5, 2011

Humorist David Sedaris has made a career out of relating the silliest parts of his life in essay form. In the 2004 story “Possession,” he and his boyfriend had the perfect Paris… Read More