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This Wild Performance Artist is Shattering Every Israeli Taboo

By On January 14, 2016

Israeli performance artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg is likely to be indicted for a video she uploaded to YouTube featuring her defecating on an Israeli flag, among others (warning: not for the faint… Read More

The Egyptian Woman Who Spied For Israel

Yolande, The Egyptian Woman Who Spied For Israel

By On July 21, 2015

  Gone are the days, it seems, when one could get recruited for espionage at a cocktail party. (Or maybe we’re just going to the wrong parties.) But that’s what happened to… Read More

Why Singapore’s Army Sang Israeli Songs

Why Singapore’s Army Sang Israeli Songs

By On March 25, 2015

Who’s got Singapore’s back? For a tiny nation surrounded by Muslim countries, the answer is obviously “another tiny nation surrounded by Muslim countries,” i.e. Israel. But it turns out Israel doesn’t just have… Read More

The Israeli Novel That’s Hard to Believe Was Ever Taught in Schools

It’s Hard to Believe This Novel Was Ever Taught in Israeli Schools

By On December 18, 2014

The conscientious literature of conflict is a modernist genre: novels like All Quiet on the Western Front privilege the individual’s psychic experience of war over the distant, glorious narrative of a nation’s… Read More


A New Use for IDF Bullets: Ear Cleaners

By On December 4, 2014

It’s nothing new that many medical breakthroughs have been precipitated by people trying weird things: chewing bark, drinking from pools of quinine. But an Israeli startup, Otic-Pharma, owes its most recent great… Read More


A Love for Flavor, Straight from the IDF

By On April 24, 2014

During his stint in the Israeli Defense Forces  Lior Lev Sercarz was once responsible for frying 200 pieces of schnitzel on a propane stove while Lebanese rockets flew overhead. Perhaps because he got his start cooking… Read More


Israeli Zombies Hit the Big Screen

By On November 21, 2013

When an Israeli Defense Forces special ops unit heads to Lebanon to capture a Hezbollah leader, they’re expecting trouble. But not in the form they find it. Welcome to Cannon Fodder, Israel’s first-ever zombie movie. The… Read More


Out of Orbit

By On October 26, 2012

“How do you hold onto life/when it won’t seem to hold onto you?” sings multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Max Jared on his debut album Thoughtless Sounds. This question is from the ballad “Asaf Ramon,” a tender, sweet… Read More


Pop Sabbaticals

By On December 16, 2011

Maor Levi is a DJ and producer based in Ashkelon, Israel. Under his various pseudonyms (including 123XYZ, M.A.O.R., and Pillow One), Levi has released nearly 20 singles since the age of 12. He’s been working on his… Read More


Israeli Army, Muslim Soldiers

By On October 3, 2011

McSweeney’s is a literary quarterly that’s featured the likes of Jonathan Franzen and Elmore Leonard. Quality fiction that gets under your skin is its hallmark. Nonfiction stories about Arab-Israeli soldiers fighting terrorism? Not usually its thing.… Read More


Send a Salami to Your Loved Ones

By On October 18, 2010

“Send a salami to your boy in the army!” Although the phrase wasn’t invented by Katz’s Delicatessen — that honor goes to Louie the Waiter of the rival Sixth Avenue Deli —… Read More