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Hot Pockets Were Invented by These Iranian Jewish Brothers

By On March 17, 2017

The American dream is microwaveable. At least it was for Paul and David Merage (formerly Meraj), the Jewish Iranian immigrant brothers behind America’s favorite savory drunk snack, the Hot Pocket. The brothers… Read More


A Tel Aviv Artist Explores Her Tehran Roots

By On May 13, 2016

Tel Aviv-based visual artist Elham Rokni was born in Tehran and has lived in Israel since she was 9. Her work reflects on displacement and memory, and in media ranging from drawings… Read More

Israel's Persian Deer Heist of 1978

Israel’s Great Persian Deer Heist of 1978

By On January 6, 2016

In the valleys of the Galilee, along the slopes of Mount Carmel, prance the rare Persian fallow deer. Their presence in Northern Israel is, you could say, a miracle. You could also… Read More


Baba Joon, Israel’s First Persian-Language Oscar Entry

By On January 4, 2016

Before a word is uttered in the new film, Baba Joon, we see the rolling Israeli countryside, and then the inside of a barn – full of trapped turkeys. The imagery is… Read More


How the “Schindler of Iran” Saved Hundreds of Persian Jews

By On February 10, 2015

A dispatch from the annals of forgotten righteous gentiles: Abdol Hossein-Sardari, the Iranian Consul in Nazi-occupied France, saved hundreds of Iranian Jews from certain death with a heroic ingenuity worthy of his… Read More

How to Save Pakistan's Lone Jewish Cemetery

How to Save Karachi, Pakistan’s Lone Jewish Cemetery

By On January 28, 2015

It might seem that the only Jews left in Pakistan are underground – in Karachi’s lone Jewish cemetery. But that’s not quite so. Faisal (Fishel) Benkhald, the son of a Muslim father and… Read More

The Other Persian Jews

The Other Persian Jews

By On September 24, 2014

Make plov, a delicious Bukharan dish, for Rosh Hashanah! If you’re not from the region and you’re not a Near East cultural scholar, chances are that when you think about Persian Jews,… Read More


Persian Literature, in Hebrew

By On January 9, 2013

When Orly Noy did a Hebrew-language Google search for “Persian literature” Google asked her: “Do you mean Russian literature?” Amazingly, not a single Persian novel had ever been translated into Hebrew. Noy,… Read More


Jews in Iran

By On October 30, 2012

According to the Bible, Queen Esther saved the Jews of Persia from being wiped out by the evil Haman. But what happened to the Persian Jewish community after that? “Light and Shadows: The Story of Iranian… Read More