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The Israeli Chutzpah Behind a Coconut Water Empire

By On November 1, 2016

Q: What do Madonna and a mensch named Ira have in common? A: Chutzpah and coconuts. In 2003, an Israeli-born New Yorker named Ira Liran and his childhood best friend, Michael Kirban,… Read More


Stomping Through Warsaw in Search of the Past

By On June 10, 2014

In a complicated tale of family ties, old loves, and chutzpadik tourists, an Israeli granddaughter and grandmother set off for Warsaw to file a property restitution claim. It could read like a madcap adventure,… Read More

Dear Officer

Love Notes to Israeli Traffic Cops

By On February 19, 2014

Leave it to Israelis to fight back against the Man. In the ever-raging, worldwide war between drivers and ticketing police officers, Israelis are striking a new, utterly harmless and friendly blow: that of the… Read More


Etgar Keret’s “Shiva Tour”

By On November 25, 2013

When Etgar Keret was in the IDF, he gave his first short story to his brother to read while they walked the dog. “It’s beautiful, really moving,” his brother responded. “Do you… Read More


Literary Gymnastics

By On November 22, 2011

Etgar Keret is one of the most versatile writers in Israel today. His short stories–which include such memorable characters as an accident-prone insurance salesman, a manic-depressive clown, and a suicide bomber who’s having second thoughts–are often… Read More