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Are These New Comics Anti-Semitic or Just Kinda Harsh?

By On September 5, 2017

Eli Valley’s comics are nasty, brutish, smart, searing, and hilarious. His commitment to pillorying “powerful people, organizations, and ideas within the Jewish community” have led fellow Jews to call him a kapo,… Read More


This Syrian Jewish Cookbook Shows Life After Exile

By On December 20, 2016

In the last hundred years, as Syria has become less friendly to Jews, a trickle of emigration turned into a stream, and ended last year when the final Syrian Jews were smuggled… Read More

The Other Persian Jews

The Other Persian Jews

By On September 24, 2014

Make plov, a delicious Bukharan dish, for Rosh Hashanah! If you’re not from the region and you’re not a Near East cultural scholar, chances are that when you think about Persian Jews,… Read More


Letters from the Dead

By On March 15, 2012

Imagine spying on letters written by other people–young lovers, long-separated families, runaway teenagers. Sounds vaguely intrusive and stalkerish, right? Now, imagine you’re reading letters written 70 years in the past–from tourists, refugees, World War… Read More


Uncle Feygele

By On March 1, 2012

“Who exactly are my people? Where do the borders of folk begin?” asks poet Yermiyahu Ahron Taub in his poem “Wandering Jew in Little Rome.” Community–the traditional Jewish community he was raised in, and the gay community he… Read More

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