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Heartbreaking Home Videos From the Old Country

By On October 30, 2014

We tend to think of early 20th-century Jewish migration as a one-way street. But a New York City exhibition shows a different story—in film.Between the wars, some of those emigres traveled back to Europe… Read More


Rav Yehuda Gets His Groove On

By On October 14, 2013

“Said Rav Yehuda: Even silence has its rules,” announces spoken word poet Jake Marmer at the start of his new album, Hermeneutic Stomp. Between his rhythmic poem-spitting and the frantic, tight, dazzling grooves of… Read More


New Year’s Resolutions in the 1940s

By On September 19, 2011

Woody Guthrie, the American singer-songwriter, might not have been Jewish himself, but he’s been an avid participant in Jewish culture. He married Marjorie Mazria Guthrie in 1945, and at his mother-in-law‘s insistence, taught his children (among… Read More