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The Shocking, Not-So-Oily History of the Latke

By On December 29, 2016

If for the past week, you’ve forked up a pile of potato latkes fried in olive oil, thinking you’re channeling the persistence of your Hasmonean ancestors, think again. Far from being canonical,… Read More


Delicious Hanukkah Treats from Middle Eastern Jews

By On December 25, 2016

  There’s a lot to be learned from Mizrahi Jewish teachings, but on this holiday, we’re focusing on their kitchens. Jews who lived for centuries in Arab countries have developed customs and cuisines all their… Read More

"There's Pot in the Latkes" Goes Viral

“There’s Pot in the Latkes” Music Video Goes Viral

By On December 10, 2015

  What is the true message of Hanukkah? According to one breakout Jewish rapper, that Jews can lace latkes with cannabis without fear of reprimand from the Christmas marketing machine. And also… Read More

Latkes Versus Hamantaschen

The Ultimate Jewish Question: Latkes or Hamantaschen?

By On March 14, 2014

As we approach the holiday of noshing hamantaschen, scholars will once again take on a pressing argument. Which is superior: the latke or the hamantasch? Is such a quibble worthy of any high-minded… Read More