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Barbra Streisand Asked Bob Dylan to Make a Record Together

By On December 5, 2017

Jewish fantasies everywhere came true last year when a handwritten card from Barbra Streisand to Bob Dylan was uncovered in the Dylan Archive, a trove of 6,000 pieces of his paraphernalia. The… Read More

The First Jewish Postage Stamp

Celebrating Hanukkah, USPS-Style

By On September 30, 2014

  You’ve recited selichot. You’ve blown the shofar. You’re doing your teshuvah. All that’s left is to get your final Jewish New Year card into the mail before you have to repent for missing the season. But which stamps… Read More


How to Write to Your Long-Lost Love, In Yiddish

By On June 3, 2014

Imagine, esteemed reader: Your son has recently arrived in America from your shtetl, and you want to warn him about the temptations of the goldene medina. But how do you find the right words… Read More


Letters from the Dead

By On March 15, 2012

Imagine spying on letters written by other people–young lovers, long-separated families, runaway teenagers. Sounds vaguely intrusive and stalkerish, right? Now, imagine you’re reading letters written 70 years in the past–from tourists, refugees, World War… Read More

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