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Dating While Ultra-Orthodox? Better Update Your Shidduch Resume.

By On July 18, 2017

First step towards a dream job: a top-notch resume. But what if you also needed a CV to get your dream girl/boy? And we don’t mean updating your JSwipe profile with new… Read More


Searching For a Long-Lost Lover, From Israel to the American Open Road

By On August 25, 2016

Is That You?, a new film by director Dani Menkin, straddles two rom-com sub-genres: the road trip movie and the film-about-making-a-film movie. Ronnie (Alon Aboutboul), a recently laid-off Israeli projectionist, is given… Read More

A Rabbi (and Movie) for All Your Sexual Hangups

A Rabbi (and Movie) for All Your Sexual Hangups

By On August 4, 2015

“You think a rabbi could teach you anything about sex?” asks director Ricardo Adler. It’s a fair question. Adler has made a spiritual and sensuous documentary called The Lost Key that explores… Read More


Got a Stubborn & Rebellious Son? The Torah Says: Stone Him.

By On August 1, 2012

Think kids today have trouble with authority? The Torah (Deuteronomy 21:18) tells the story of a ben sorer u’moreh, a “stubborn and rebellious son” who “doesn’t hearken to the voice of his father or mother.” Let’s just… Read More


Nature Boy

By On July 17, 2012

The 1947 song “Nature Boy,” written by eden ahbez, has a long and strange history. A jazz standard, it’s been performed by Nat “King” Cole and Miles Davis, and its lyrics were quoted at… Read More



By On March 2, 2012

Cherubs–those sweet little babies with wings–have become a symbol of valentines and love. But they’re actually mystical creatures with a biblical basis, sometimes depicted as children and other times as animals, or… Read More


Free Love

By On March 23, 2011

Is it possible to be too comfortable with yourself? The Torah tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). On the surface, it’s a pretty simple thing. Who doesn’t think that they should love their… Read More


Postcards from Hell

By On March 22, 2011

Torkel S. Wächter, a Swedish novelist who happens to be Jewish, was rifling through his attic when he found 32 postcards written to a man named Walter Wächter. The postcards tell a fascinating… Read More


A Sexy Outsider’s View of Yeshiva

By On February 10, 2011

Stephen Marche’s wonderful novel Raymond and Hannah (2006) begins with WASPy Raymond meeting sultry Jewish Hannah at a party. The two go home together for what’s supposed to be a one-night stand, but… Read More


Love and Garbage

By On January 3, 2011

When the Communist Party came to power in Czechoslovakia in 1948, Ivan Klíma was abroad in London. He could have stayed there, but he chose to return to his native Prague, explaining that “most… Read More


Splitting the Sea

By On October 27, 2010

  Think your job is hard? Try being a matchmaker. The ancient rabbis understood just how hard it is to find  that special someone and considered matchmaking a divine task. Literally. In one striking Talmudic vignette (Sotah… Read More

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