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Garbage Pail Kids

By On April 16, 2012

Every artist has a day job, at least at first. In the mid-80s, Art Spiegelman was editing Raw, his underground comics magazine, and writing and drawing issues of a comic book that would later become Maus. In… Read More


Israeli Army, Muslim Soldiers

By On October 3, 2011

McSweeney’s is a literary quarterly that’s featured the likes of Jonathan Franzen and Elmore Leonard. Quality fiction that gets under your skin is its hallmark. Nonfiction stories about Arab-Israeli soldiers fighting terrorism? Not usually its thing.… Read More


The Consummate Showwoman

By On November 11, 2010

Sarah Bernhardt flirted with the novelist Alexandre Dumas, posed for the painter Alphonse Mucha, had an affair with Victor Hugo, and was, in the late 19th century, the most famous actress in the world.… Read More