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Meet the Jewish Power Couple Behind Hollywood’s Iconic Films

By On May 3, 2017

It’s not often you get to see footage of the great Mel Brooks testifying that someone else “made him look like a great filmmaker.” Or countless producers, directors and film critics calling… Read More


‘Die Hard’ is the Ultimate Hanukkah Movie

By On December 27, 2016

Think Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Well, Yippee CHAI Yay, Menorah-lovers! The 1988 Bruce Willis flick is actually perfect for Hanukkah! Here are 8 reasons why: 1) ’Tis the Season:  Die Hard takes place on Christmas… Read More


How To Talk Like a Holocaust Scholar

By On September 28, 2016

Historian Deborah Lipstadt is used to giving lectures on the Holocaust at Emory University — not recording the way she says mundane phrases like “goodnight.” But that’s exactly what she did to… Read More

When Egyptian Movies Ruled Israeli Airwaves

When Egyptian Movies Ruled Israeli Airwaves

By On July 20, 2016

In the three decades between Israel’s founding and the 1979 peace treaty with Egypt, the relationship between the two neighbors was tense. And yet, Israelis eagerly turned on their TVs every Friday… Read More

Kidnapped, Murdered, and Now Starring in a New Film

Kidnapped, Murdered, and Now Starring in a New French Film

By On April 27, 2015

In 2006, Ilan Halimi, a young Parisian Jew of Moroccan descent, died after having been kidnapped and held for three weeks by a group from the city’s outskirts known as the Gang… Read More

A New Film About an Endangered Species: The Jewish Deli

A New Film About an Endangered Species: The Jewish Deli

By On February 27, 2015

  There’s something about the Jewish deli. Every bite into piping hot pastrami and corned beef, kreplach and goulash, is a step back in time. In the 20th century, the gastronomic traditions… Read More

The Jewish Nazi Film That Was Just a Little Too Nazi

The Jewish Nazi Film That Was Too Nazi for the Jews

By On October 22, 2014

  What could scream “zeitgeist” louder than a 1942 American comedy about a troupe of Polish actors who use their knack for disguise to fool Nazis? Though it was the season for… Read More


Let My People Go

By On January 24, 2013

There’s a place where romantic fairy tale meets French bedroom farce, and where campy inside jokes about gay and Jewish stereotypes collide. This is the place where Mikael Buch’s new film Let My People Go! sits… Read More


A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

By On June 29, 2012

Leonard Cohen is a modern-day renaissance man–musician, poet, philosopher, mystic. He’s both a practicing Buddhist and an observant Jew. And, as we have previously noted on Jewniverse (read it here), some of his songs are so intricately based on Bible texts,… Read More


Jerusalem, in IMAX

By On June 26, 2012

You’ve never seen Israel like this. In the new IMAX film Jerusalem, lush forests and emerald coastlines go up against miraculously jagged mountains and deserts all filmed in a soaring panorama. It’s packed with the kind of visuals… Read More


Birdies, Orphans and Fools

By On May 2, 2012

Today, Ephraim Sidon is the chief rabbi of Prague, Czech Republic. In the 1960s, however–known by his birth name, Karel Sidon–he was a playwright and screenwriter, part of Prague’s vibrant avant-garde arts scene. In the 1950s and ’60s, Prague… Read More


The Subway Violinist

By On April 20, 2012

The violinist Philipe Quint was a child genius. At the age of 9, he was a featured performer with the Leningrad Symphony Orchestra. Later, he became a refusenik, and was finally allowed to leave… Read More