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The Jewish Native American Tribal Judge

By On October 31, 2016

Picture a Native American tribal judge. Now add a full beard, kippah, and payes. Pepper his speech with some New Jersey intonations and you may be looking at Chabad Lubavich-educated Alaskan tribal… Read More

The First Jew Scalped for America

The First Jew Scalped for America

By On January 8, 2015

Francis Salvador was a man of firsts. Salvador was born in 1747 to the wealthy Sephardic owners of a shipping firm. Struggling to rebuild their fortune after an earthquake in Lisbon destroyed much… Read More


Ten Lost Tribes

By On February 24, 2012

In the Bible, the Land of Israel was divided into twelve areas, one for each tribe (except for the priestly tribe of Levi) . But 2,700 years ago, ten of the twelve tribes were lost, exiled by invading Assyrian… Read More


The Jewish Indian Chief

By On November 24, 2011

In 1888, the Acoma Pueblo Indians–a Native American tribe living in New Mexico–appointed Solomon Bibo as chief of their tribe. The Acomas even asked the United States to recognize Bibo as their leader. Most remarkable of… Read More


The First Jew in Atlantis

By On April 28, 2011

In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh needed an expert in metals to help him make sense of American geology on his first trip to the New World. So he brought along Joachim Gaunse, a Jewish engineer… Read More


Native Americans: The Lost Tribe

By On November 25, 2010

Looking at Jews and Native Americans side by side, you might think there’s no way to mix up the two cultures. Yarmulkes and eagle-feather headdresses look quite different, after all. But some early colonial Americans thought,… Read More