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This 15-Year-Old Orthodox Girl Is a Champion Powerlifter

By On November 10, 2016

When one thinks of a competitive powerlifter, a pretty standard image comes to mind: an enormous man in tights bulging with muscle. Not quite a petite Orthodox girl too young to have… Read More

Erotica That Only a Jewish Mother Can Love

Erotica for the Kosher Set

By On March 3, 2015

By the frum, for the frum, Shosha Pearl writes the sexiest—and possibly only—erotica completely permissible by traditional Jewish law. Shosha Pearl is a pen name. Her stories, all set in the Orthodox… Read More

Sex(less) in the Holy City

Sex(less) in the Holy City

By On July 17, 2014

  The joys and oys of dating in New York City have been well-documented on television, from Friends, to Seinfeld, to Sex and the City. But what about dating in that other center of young… Read More


Ten Commandments+South Park

By On January 11, 2011

A feminist rapper checks out how women were treated in the Torah. An advocate for the disabled discusses Moses‘s speech impediment. A gay activist (who’s also a Jewish educator) wrestles with the condemnation of homosexual sex.… Read More

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