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A Mix-and-Match Haggadah

By On June 25, 2012

Were all Egyptians pro-slavery? Children’s author Lemony Snicket suggests that even if most Egyptians started out in favor of subjugating the Israelites, they probably wavered after the Ten Plagues started. After burning hail, wild beasts,… Read More


A Holiday from the Black Plague

By On December 21, 2011

In The Decameron, a group of 10 young people–three women and seven men–leave the city of Florence, where the black plague is running rampant, to vacation at a country villa. The introduction to this… Read More


Locusts for Lunch

By On April 13, 2011

Are locusts a plague? Not always–in fact, sometimes, they’re lunch. Four species of locust are listed in the Torah as being kosher. They are the red locust, the yellow locust, the spotted grey locust, and the… Read More

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