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Nudie Cohn, Glittery Jewish Tailor to Elvis and the Grand Ole Opry

By On May 4, 2017

Something interesting started happening, fashion-wise, among America’s country music stars of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It seemed anyone who took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry—from Hank Williams to Gram Parsons—was… Read More


78 Years Ago, Kristallnacht Brought a Country to its Knees

By On November 9, 2016

Seventy-eight years ago, on the night of November 9, millions of citizens of one of the western world’s foremost democracies went to sleep believing that the dark forces of human nature would continue… Read More


The Rising (Jewish) Star of Professional Boxing

By On February 5, 2015

A muskeljude of the modern era, Dustin Fleischer wants to fight with the weight of history on his back—and in his fists. The “White Tiger”—so dubbed for his background in martial arts—is… Read More


The Anti-Semitic Origins of “Hip Hip Hooray”

By On January 21, 2014

Three cheers for the bat mitzvah girl! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip… wait, stop. This is all wrong. Turns out our good old American cheer derives from an old anti-Semitic rallying cry,… Read More


How Christmas Eve Became a Jewish Holiday

By On December 24, 2013

  You may associate Christmas with Chinese food and a trip to the cineplex, but there’s an older and stranger Jewish tradition for Christmas Eve: Nittel Nacht. Nittel Nacht, whose etymology is uncertain, was the… Read More


Anti-Semitic Rioting in Wales

By On August 19, 2013

Wales is famous for being the home of woolly sheep and Tom Jones and difficult-to-pronounce place names (Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, we’re looking at you). What it’s not known for is anti-Semitic violence. But 102 years ago today,… Read More