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A New Biblical Interpretation Says Jews Can Eat Bacon After All

By On June 19, 2017

It might be time to rethink everything you thought you knew about Jews and bacon. As you know, the laws of kashrut dictate that pigs are inherently unkosher: “And the swine, though… Read More


Yiddish, Pig Skin, and Other Surprises in Jell-O’s Troubled Jewish Past

By On August 8, 2016

Long a staple of the American Jewish desert table, Jell-O has a much more divisive and political origin story than you’d expect from a wobbly gelatinous mass. As told in Roger Horowitz’s… Read More


The Yummiest Things in the Jewniverse

By On August 27, 2012

The Jewniverse is a yummy place, so grab a fork and btayavon! Pork Memoirs—Tales of a complicated meat. A Brief History of Gefilte Fish—How do you know a gefilte fish when you see… Read More


The Pork We Didn’t Eat

By On June 10, 2011

Earlier this year, journalist Jeffrey Yoskowitz started the site to be exactly what it sounds like–a collection of people’s memories about a “complicated meat.” Notably, nearly half the contributors so far are Jewish or Muslim. The… Read More