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Why Jews Used to Spit in Shul

By On November 19, 2015

The list of what you cannot do in a synagogue is prodigious—from clapping and smoking to futzing with the change in your pocket. But what you won’t find on that list is… Read More

When Jesus Said The Shema

When Jesus Said The Shema

By On August 19, 2015

So you’ve heard of the Shema, right? The most important prayer in Judaism? Traditionally recited twice a day, upon waking and going to sleep? Today, when we say “the Shema,” we’re talking… Read More

What Does God Pray For?

What Does the Master of the Universe Pray For?

By On March 5, 2014

Humans pray for all kinds of things: food, water, health, a good grade on a spelling test, no more meatloaf for dinner, a kiss from a handsome boy, acceptance into college, finding a… Read More


The Google Glass Goes Jewish

By On August 22, 2013

It seems like Jewish apps have existed as long as the smartphone. Your iPhone can teach you to bake challah, take you to the Western Wall, and even say the prayer after meals. But now,… Read More


American (Jewish) Idol

By On March 1, 2013

Do you ever catch yourself watching American Idol and wishing they would sing more psalms? Or wondering why you never hear “Adon Olam” on The Voice? Turns out, you’re not alone. Four years ago, out of this… Read More


Barukh Ata Jewniverse

By On August 31, 2012

Check out these great examples of the wild world of Jewish prayers and blessings. Did you know that Judaism has blessings for everything, from a rainbow to a trip to the bathroom?… Read More


Do Jews Meditate?

By On February 15, 2012

How did the prophets of the Bible receive their prophecy? Aryeh Kaplan, who was a rabbi, author, and physicist, responds to this question at the start of his book Meditation and the Bible. He suggests that meditation is… Read More


Praying in the Fields

By On December 29, 2011

In the sixteenth century, kabbalists living in Safed developed an elaborate ritual for welcoming the Sabbath. Dressed in white garments, they would leave the city limits and go into the fields, singing psalms and the mystical song “Lekhah Dodi.” Today we… Read More


“Shema” for Deaf People

By On October 24, 2011

The Shema is the most important six-word liturgical formula in Judaism–“Hear o Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One,” runs the usual English translation. But when translating into American Sign Language, one encounters a… Read More


Who Shall I Fear

By On September 20, 2011

From the beginning of the month of Elul until the end of the High Holiday season Jews traditionally recite Psalm 27 each morning and evening. You might have heard it, the one that starts “The Lord is my… Read More


The History of the Word ‘Amen’

By On August 4, 2011

The word amen is Hebrew, dating back to the Book of Numbers–but it’s not only used by Jews. When the ancient Greeks controlled the Land of Israel, the word entered the Greek language. From there, the little word made its… Read More


This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Shema

By On July 15, 2011

The prayer known as the Shema, the six-word proclamation of God‘s singularity, might be the most important prayer in Judaism. The version that appears in prayer books today includes this crucial sentence, followed by… Read More