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This Muslim-Jewish Rapper Drinks Manischewitz and Raps About His Bris

By On May 23, 2017

Arian Asllani may have grown up Muslim, but he has some darkly vivid memories of his bris. As he raps, he’s… Been wilding since the Rabbi snipped it Then they laughed and… Read More


Rapping about Seinfeld

By On February 23, 2012

The 1990s TV program Seinfeld was, according to its premise, a show about nothing. Everyday situations such as rivalries between old men and eating the tops of muffins, in Jerry Seinfeld’s worldview, came to embody… Read More


The Future of Jewish Music Is Not Adam Sandler

By On November 28, 2011

Is Mac Miller the future of secular Jewish culture? The Pittsburgh-born 19-year-old rapper is regarded in the music world as something of a prodigy. Born to a Jewish mother and a Christian father, he was raised Jewish… Read More


Talk of the Shtetl

By On February 2, 2011

  “No matter where I go, I’m going toward Jerusalem.” The first song starts with a sultry tribal beat and acoustic guitar, then builds into a chorus of voices singing these words in… Read More